Top 6 Kitchen Accessories Every Kitchen Needs

Silver kitchen sink on grey work surface. With wooden chopping board and bread next to sink.
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Top 6 Kitchen Accessories Every Kitchen Needs

The list is endless when it comes to kitchen gadgets and accessories. Every year the market is swamped with the latest craze. It can be hard to know what you want, what you actually need and what will work in your kitchen. We have put together a list of kitchen accessories, all of which will come in handy in your kitchen but you won't need to hide them away. We love practical items that look great too, so here are some of our favourites.

  1. Chopping board

This is a must-have. We are sure that the majority of the kitchens already have a chopping board. However, we aren't talking about the plastic ones you hide away after use. Invest in a good quality wooden chopping board that fits in with your kitchen interior. Not only will a chopping board like this protect your worktops when you are preparing food. But it will also add to the look of the room. Our advice is to keep it simple, something like the dark walnut board will work in the majority of kitchens.

  1. Coffee, tea and sugar pots

We are pretty sure that everyone has had these at some point in the homeowner's lives. There are so many to choose from and the market is swimming with different shapes, sizes and designs.

There is no denying that these pots look much nicer sitting next to your kettle. Then the plastic pots and boxes, you buy your coffee and tea in from a supermarket. They keep everything tidy whilst being within a convenient reaching distance when you need them.

  1. Drinks dispenser

This accessory is often overlooked. They might not be for everyone. But, if your house is the one that often hosts a party and if you regularly have friends around then you can thank us later. You can get some stunning, huge, glass drinks dispensers.

You can fill them with the drink of your choice and leave people to help themselves. They aren't just great for adults at parties. They are also brilliant for children too. They are easy to use and will encourage children to drink more during the day if they can pour their own drinks.

  1. Food storage containers

We absolutely love food storage containers. They come in all shapes and sizes and can be used to store almost anything. Again, these containers look amazing sitting on your kitchen side, that is if you keep them organised and full. Some of our favourite foods to store in these containers are dry foods like pasta, rice and cereal. You can, however, also use them for sweet treats such as biscuits, sweets and nuts too. 

  1. Wine rack

Even if you don’t drink wine this is a worthwhile investment. You can pick up wine/drinks racks from any home shops and they are normally minimalistic. So they work in any interior. Tidy up your kitchen sides and put bottles of squash, bottled water, fizzy drinks and any other bottles that are cluttering up your side into this rack. You can even use them for storage of things such as coffee syrups, so, they are multifunctional.    

  1. Fruit bowl

The little drawer at the bottom of your fridge is never big enough for all your fresh vegetables. Let alone your fruit as well. This means that it is either taking up another shelf of your fridge or scattered on your kitchen side. You can buy various sized fruit bowls made from different materials. All of which will give your fruit its own home. We can assure you that they are a great addition to any kitchen.    

 Completing your perfect kitchen

Investing in these accessories will have you well on the way to making your kitchen your favourite room in the house. All these practical accessories can complement any kitchen interior and will work for any sized kitchen.

As well as purchasing accessories, there are lots of other small changes you can make too. Such as changing your kitchen sink and taps or your lighting. If this is something you are interested in whilst you’re having a tidy up and organising your kitchen. Then visit Tap ’n Shower for all your new kitchen needs.    

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