Why Everyone Needs a Heated Towel Rail In Their Bathroom

Modern towel rail in a brown tiled bathroom
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Why Everyone Needs a Heated Towel Rail In Their Bathroom

When looking at designing your bathroom, all the notable products come to mind. Such as the shower enclosure, toilet, sink and vanity units. However, there is one product that is often forgotten - the towel rail. Previously, most households would use a simple shelving option. Though there is a new solution that is now preferred - heated towel rails - but why is this?

  • Heated towels

Getting out of a warm shower into the cold air is never an enjoyable experience. But with a heated towel rail, you can heat your towels to keep you warm as you dry yourself after washing. Although it’s not been proven, it’s more likely that warmer towels will be more effective at drying. Even so, they will give you a more pleasant experience compared to using a standard dry towel. 

Not just that, but the towel rail can also be used to dry your used towels. As it’s very unlikely that you will wash your towel after one use. Towels ideally will need to be dried before the next usage, which is where a heated towel rail is ideal.

  • Warmer bathrooms

It’s more than likely that your bathroom is fairly cold. Adding the fact that most homes don’t have a radiator in their bathroom either. Making the whole environment very cold, especially if you have just exited the shower. With a heated towel rail, there will be a source of warmth available whenever you wish. Although many homes have now adopted to keeping their towel rail on all day to create a warm environment all day. 

  • Stylish Towel Rails

With endless styles and designs available. It’s more than likely that you will find a towel rail that will enhance your bathroom decor. As heated towel rails  are becoming more advanced in terms of how they are created and powered. It’s only appropriate to mention that most designs are modern, smart and stylish. A few of the most popular styles include loops, rings, spirals, ladders and much more.

What are the different types of towel rail available?

  • Central heating

Most households already utilise central heating for their existing radiator and heating needs. So why not attach your towel rail as well? Using a simple radiator valve, the towel rack can be attached to the central heating system. Providing instant heat into the system to warm up the towels. 

  • Electric-only

For those with a lack of, or don’t have central heating available, then an electric towel rail is ideal. To install, it’s always best to call out an electrician. But once it has been installed, it can be very cost-effectivein its ability to keep your towels and bathroom warm. 

  • Dual fuel 

As the name gives away, duel fuel racks utilise both electric and central heating. Which is ideal when it comes to summer. This is because you will have the opportunity to heat your bathroom independently from the rest of your house. which is ideal to reduce costs from having to use central heating when not required elsewhere.

Purchase a quality product

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