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Stylish & Lasting Quality
A great quality shower is essential when it comes to creating an enjoyable bathroom experience that also provides convenience and lasting performance. We have a wide range of styles and colour choices, and we only supply showers from the UK’s most trusted brands including Mira, Grohe and Hansgrohe.
Huge Range
Our shower range features electric, digital, power, and thermostatic mixer showers to suit your bathroom desires. Whether you simply want to refresh your existing shower unit or are suffering from low water pressure, we have the perfect shower solution to ensure you get that perfect shower every time.
Showering Accessories
A shower can be both stylish and functional. In our shower collection, you’ll also find a huge array of replacement shower hoses, showerheads, body jets, waste kits and more.

Types of Showers - Shower Buying Guide

Although showers come in a wide variety of styles, shapes, and designs all showers can be categorised into two types of shower: Mixer Showers and Electric Showers.

Mixer Showers take hot and cold water from your standard hot water system and mix them together to provide you with the perfect temperature shower. Whereas Electric Showers take cold water and heat it through an element using electricity, providing a continuous flow of warm water, no matter whether you have hot water available in your system or not.

Power , Thermostatic Mixer and Bar Showers are all types of mixer showers that make use of hot water from your domestic water supply.

Manual Showers & Valves

Manual mixer showers take hot and cold water from your domestic system and combine them according to the position of the temperature control on your shower unit.

This type of shower system provides a low-cost shower, however, should the supplying water temperature or the water pressure in your domestic system change the shower temperature and flow will also be impacted. This means that you will need to move the temperature control on your shower throughout the year as the temperature of the supply water changes throughout the seasons.

Additionally, if someone interferes with the water supply, for example, by turning on a tap or flushing the toilet , the shower may experience an unpleasant change in water temperature and flow.

Thermostatic Showers & Valves

An alternative to a manual mixer shower is a mixer shower with thermostatic control. Thermostatic Mixer Showers provide a better experience because once the temperature control has been set the shower will remain at that temperature even if the supply water has been interfered with. A thermostatic mixer shower does this by controlling the water by dynamically changing the amount of hot and cold water that goes into the mixing chamber. However, this does make a thermostatic shower a more expensive option.

Bar Showers

Bar Showers have a long thin mixing unit which controls the temperature and flow at either ends of the unit and are a popular option for many households. Bar Showers make use of thermostatic technology to ensure the temperature remains consistent, for a relaxing showering experience.

Power Showers

Power Showers are the same as Thermostatic Mixer Shower, however, they have a built-in pump to assist with the water flow if low water pressure is an issue in your domestic system. If you have a combi-boiler or a high pressure hot water system then you probably require a Power Shower as a standard Mixer Shower will work fine in your property.

An alternative to a Power Shower is Thermostatic Mixer Shower with the addition of a dedicated external Shower Pump as this will provide a strong water flow from your shower, however, it is also a more expensive option than simply installing a Power Shower.

Digital Showers

Digital Showers conceal the mixer unit and have a separate digital control unit which can normally be located away from the Shower Handsetand can be installed with an assisting Shower Pump or be fed directly from the domestic water system.

One of the main benefits of a Digital Shower is that it offers a contemporary and modern solution with the mixing unit being hidden away from the controls. This enables you to place the control unit away from the shower handset and allows you to turn on the shower as well as set the temperature and flow before you enter the shower. Additionally, many digital shower units have added functionally, such as remembering different shower setting for different users, maximum temperature settings for added safety and LED lights.

Electric Showers

Electric Showers heat cold water through a heating element in the shower unit to provide the correct temperature water in a quick time frame. Simply put, an Electric Shower is similar to a very high-powered kettle.

The higher the kilowatt rating of the shower the quicker it can heat the water and the stronger the water flow. However, it is important to remember even one of the most powerful Electric Showers with a rating of 10.8kw will not provide the same quality of water flow as a Mixer Shower with good water pressure.

The main benefit of an Electric Shower is that it only requires a cold water supply. Therefore, if you have a tank fed system with a low water pressure, an electric shower can provide a great cost-effective solution. Additionally, an Electric Shower works as a great backup if your boiler ever breaks down as your Electric Shower only requires electricity to run and therefore will not be affected.

Exposed or Concealed Showers

When it comes to the installation of your new shower there are 2 main options available: exposed shower unit or concealed shower unit.

If you’re looking for an easy to install shower then choosing an exposed unit is a great option, with no need to bury the valve and additional pipe work in the bathroom walls. Exposed showers provide a more cost-effective solution as well as a more traditional look.

However, if you wish to achieve a modern and stylish Bathroom then a concealed unit is for you. With a concealed shower all the workings of the shower are hidden away behind your bathroom wall with only the essential elements on display, providing a minimalist and contemporary look.

There is also the option to have a semi-exposed shower. This is where some parts of the shower are concealed and others are exposed, providing a great hybrid option.

Complete Ready-to-Install Shower Sets

If you’re looking to save time and money and get everything you need for your new shower, then our shower sets are perfect for you; providing everything required to set up your new shower at one simple price. Instead of purchasing a shower head, valve, shower rail and more separately our shower sets provide a convenient option for anyone looking to purchase everything in one go.

At Tap 'n Shower our shower sets include every type of shower, including concealed showers, semi-exposed showers, exposed showers and traditional showers. Additionally, many of our shower sets include a range of extra features, as well as LED lights and displays, easy clean nozzles and digital controls.

With such a wide range of shower sets you can be assured that you’ll find the perfect shower for you and your bathroom. Furthermore, to make the process of choosing your new shower set even easier our website features a handy, easy-to-use filtering system on the left-hand side to help you narrow down the shower set you’re dreaming of.

Shower Accessories & Finishing Touches

If you’re installing a new shower into your home, you’ll need a variety of other products to complete your project. Browse through our ranges of Shower Enclosures & Doors, Shower Trays and Showering Accessories - providing you with everything you need to finish your new shower.

Additionally, we also stock a huge selection of spares and parts for anyone looking for a simple replacement item for a broken part or wanting to switch out an old and dated date of your shower such as the Shower Head, controls or Shower Screen, for something a newer to give your shower a new lease of life.

Showers from Leading Bathroom Brands

Here at Tap 'n Shower we sell showers and accessories from top brands to ensure we provide you with a high-quality shower that will last for years to come. Browse our shower range from leading industry brands including Burlington, Grohe, Bristan,Hudson Reed,Ideal Standard, Mira, Roca, Hansgrohe, Bayswater, Vado and many more. You’ll be sure to find the perfect shower for your bathroom.