5 Kitchen Trends to Look Out For This Year

5 Kitchen Trends to Look Out For This Year
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5 Kitchen Trends to Look Out For This Year

Every year, interior design trends change and you will see a big shift in products that homeware shops stock to keep up with these trends. Some rooms in the house might not differ too much, for example, minimalistic bedrooms and cosy living rooms seem to be here to stay but, one room you can almost guarantee will change is the kitchen. 

From layouts and cabinets to worktops and tiling there are so many elements to a kitchen. So, whether you're planning a complete kitchen redesign in 2022 or you just want to modernise what you've got with a few simple updates, being aware of the latest trends can help you to do so in the best way. Keep reading today to find out what we predict 2022 to have in store for our kitchens. 

Statement floors

Long gone are the days of simple one colour floor tiles, this year, your floor will be doing all of the talking. Statement floors are making a huge comeback and are essential for all trendy kitchens in 2022. The best way to incorporate this into your kitchen is to keep everything else relatively minimal and if you have a large floor space or an open-plan kitchen, consider zoning with your floor tiles so they don’t become too overpowering. 

Two-tone colour schemes

Previously we have seen kitchen trends where one colour is used throughout the space in varying shades but, 2022 is different. Combining two contrasting colours throughout the kitchen is the way forward this year. You can guarantee that this trend will add an interesting twist to any aesthetic and our top tip would be to use bold or dark colours for your units and contrast with lighter shades elsewhere in order to add depth and life to the space. 

Low-hanging lights

The way you light your kitchen will always be important and this isn’t changing in 2022, but the lighting fixtures that you choose for the visual effect are. Towards the end of last year, we saw the introduction of statement lighting and low-hanging lights in the kitchen and, this is only going to increase this year. Copper and brass finishes on lighting are set to be the most popular this year and you can guarantee to see these in all homeware stores.

Handleless designs 

Whilst in some shaker style kitchens, handles are such an important detail in the design, this year we will see the introduction of handleless cabinets. Advances in technology mean that push-open and close doors are better than ever before and they make it possible to get rid of handles altogether. Alongside these, recessed handles will become popular, giving the same look as handless but providing an easier and cheaper way to get the look. 

Statement taps

Taps are so easily overlooked when designing a kitchen but, they can make such a huge difference to the overall style of the room. This year, big bold taps are definitely in. From kitchen mixer taps to pull out kitchen taps, unusual handles and interesting features are a must. To keep on-trend in 2022 simply change your current kitchen sinks and taps, you will be surprised how different your kitchen will look. 

Updating your kitchen 

If you want to update your kitchen to incorporate some of the trends mentioned above, visit the Tap N Shower website today. We specialise in a huge range of kitchen necessities and have everything from kitchen floor tiles to kitchen taps for sale. With a huge range to choose from on their website, you can trust that whatever trend you’re looking to incorporate into your interior design we will have the perfect products for you. 

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