6 Things to Consider Before Purchasing A New Bathtub

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6 Things to Consider Before Purchasing A New Bathtub

Although bathtubs are becoming less popular over the last few years. Many households rely on baths for cleaning and relaxing purposes. Looking particularly towards the relaxing side of things. There are several styles, types and varieties of bathtubs now available, but how do you know what one is for you?

To give you a better understanding. The team at Tap N Shower has created this guide on what you need to consider before purchasing a new bathtub.

What Size Bathtub should I buy? 

Size really does matter, after all, bathtubs aren’t one size fits all. The size of your new bath depends on two factors. The space available in your bathroom and your desired preferences. It’s more than likely that you are keen to buy a large tub, but you may find that this isn’t as comfortable as you would imagine. For reference, standard baths tend to be on average 60 inches long and 30-32 inches wide. Although this can also vary depending on the shape and style of the bathtub. 

Type of bath tub shapes

Bathtubs have become much more of a style and aesthetic feature for many bathrooms. Which means many people often forget about the comfort levels for their bathtub. There are two primary bathtub installation types, including:

  • Alcove tubs - This is the most common type of bath. Especially for smaller bathrooms. As they are installed adjacent to three walls, often making it easier to install. 

Freestanding - Freestanding bath tubs can be placed anywhere in the bathroom. As long as there are ample plumbing lines close, meaning it doesn’t need any connecting walls.

What materials can bathtubs be made out of?

The material is also a key factor that needs to be considered. Acrylic and fibreglass were considered the most popular material choices. Often because of the cheap price, though more materials have become increasingly popular over the last few years. 

  • Acrylic Bathtubs - Provide a standard bathtub solution in terms of insulating heat. Although they are often very weak and will need to be supported by other material solutions.
  • Cast Iron Baths - Very strong and durable. Although depending on the shape these can result in boiling water needing to be added. To ensure the iron warms up and doesn’t absorb all the heat from the water.
  • Steel - Steel bath tubs are a cheaper metal alternative, though this does reflect in its quality. Although it is strong, it is prone to chipping, as well as having similar conductivity traits to cast iron.
  • Marble Bathtubs - If you have enough money and are keen to install a bath that is stylish yet old fashioned. Then marble is a viable option. It does also keep the water warm to a good standard. Though this doesneede much more maintenance than alternatives.

Bathtub Drainage and piping

When deciding on the size and shape of the tub, you will also need to consider the plumbing components. The first aspect is the water supply. Which is often located at various points and can be relocated by a plumber for a fee. However, it’s the drainage that needs to be considered more. Primarily because there are far fewer drainage points installed in your bathroom. If you are thinking about moving the drainage system for a bathtub. it might not be worth the time and money considering the overall price and hassle involved. 

The overall weight of the bathtub

The weight of the bathtub, primarily when full of water and a person. Needs to be considered. Especially if the bathroom is on the second floor. This is because some notable materials such as marble or cast iron are much heavier than the traditional plastic. Which needs to be considered, bearing in mind not all second floors can withstand heavy tubs once they are full of water. 

Shower option

One of the final main considerations is whether you want a shower unit within the bathtub. Especially if the bathtub is for a family home, not everyone prefers taking a bath. Which is why several homeowners are also keen to install a shower unit alongside the tub. Which needs to be considered when looking at what type of bath you are interested in. 

Can we be of any help?

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