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Taps For Sinks & Basins
No house or two rooms are the same which is why at Tap 'n Shower we offer an extensive range of basin and kitchen taps in a huge variety of styles and budgets. Ensuring that you can find the right taps for your basins and sinks.
A Variety of Tap Designs
Our range of taps includes basin pillar taps, mixer taps, waterfall taps, sensor and time-flow taps, kitchen mixer taps, kitchen pillar taps and much more. So, no matter what type of taps you’re looking for you’ll be sure to find it at Tap 'n Shower!
Innovative Tap Features
Updating your taps is a great way to refresh any room decor, as well as help you save water. Both our basin taps and kitchen taps offer a range of innovative features which will make using your bathroom or kitchen easier and more efficient. From aerators as standard to help you reduce your water consumption to great manufacturer guarantees for peace of mind, our taps really are designed for everyday use. 

Bathroom Taps in Every Style

Here at Tap 'n Shower, we like to cater to every style and home, so no matter if you’re looking for traditional or modern taps, we have a great selection of both.

If you’re looking for something a bit more traditional then we have many taps with the classic crosshead handles, perfect for period-style bathrooms.

Or if you’re looking for something a bit more modern and contemporary, we have a range of taps designed with clean straight lines and contemporary features. Including our waterfall taps which work well in modern bathrooms. 

Modern Basin Taps

If you’ve ever marvelled at having modern and futuristic taps you may have also thought that modern basin taps are out of your price range. However, you will be happy to know that modern taps are not just for the rich and famous. 

Our range of modern basin taps are offered at great affordable internet prices and could grace the basins of any home. Our collection of modern basin taps includes waterfall taps as well as wall-mounted basin taps and from only the best brands including Grohe, Bristan,Hudson Reed and many more. 

Traditional Basin Taps

If you have a period-style bathroom design and decor then our range of pillar basin taps will feel right at home. Traditional basin taps may be Victorian in design, however, you can be sure that they are only the highest quality and made from modern materials. Our collection of Victorian basin taps will be sure to last the test of time and are supplied from only the best bathroom brands. 

Basin Mixer Taps

Basin mixer taps, also known as monobloc basin mixer taps, are our most popular basin tap as they combine a sleek and minimalist design which also offers a great user experience.

Our range includes a huge variety of chrome bathroom taps as well as black bathroom taps, both of which are popular options. And with prices starting from as little as £20, if you’re looking for cheap bathroom taps but still offering only the best high-quality design, Tap 'n Shower has the basin taps for you. 

Kitchen Taps that Offer Style & Functionality

For an extensive range of kitchen taps, look no further than Tap ‘n Shower! We believe that kitchen sink taps can transform your kitchen, by adding great functionality as well as style. 

Many people aren’t aware of the wide variety of functions available in kitchen taps, from kitchen taps with sensors to taps with detachable hoses. There is a wide variety of tap functions that will make your life easier in the kitchen. So, if you’re thinking about replacing the taps in your kitchen or installing new taps you may want to consider the wide range of functions and styles that a kitchen tap can offer. 

Kitchen Mixer Taps & Pillar Taps

There are two main types of taps within a kitchen: mixer taps or pillar taps. Kitchen mixer taps are installed into one hole with your kitchen sink and as the name suggests they mix the water from both hot and cold feeds to produce the correct temperature water. Unlike kitchen pillar taps which are installed as two separate hot and cold water taps into your kitchen sink. 

Kitchen mixer taps are a popular choice for home kitchens as they offer a sleek and minimal design, whilst also providing single lever operation. Additionally, mixer taps allow for more efficient control of water temperature. However, many people prefer the operation of mixing hot and cold water separately, as well as the aesthetic of kitchen pillar taps. They are also a popular choice in commercial kitchens. 

It is also important to remember, if you’re not looking to purchase a new sink then you’ll need to ensure you purchase a kitchen tap that will work with your existing sink. 

Kitchen Filter Taps

Did you know that you can purchase a kitchen tap with a built-in filter to soften your water? Ideal for hard water areas, kitchen filter taps combine the standard function of a kitchen tap with a water filter, helping to remove limescale from your tap water. 

What’s even better is that the filter part of the tap system is installed under your sink, out of sight. If limescale and hard water is an issue in your area then a kitchen filter tap is a great dual function tap that offers excellent value for money. Especially if you’re filtering your tap water in a traditional jug and filter system. 

Instant Boiling Kitchen Taps

With the advancement in kitchen tap technology, you are now able to install a tap into your kitchen which will provide you with boiling and chilled water in one complete system. Boiling water taps allow you to completely dispense your kettle. Additionally, the boiling/chilling unit is installed under your sink or countertop, keeping your worktops clutter-free. 

Pull-out / Hose Kitchen Taps

If you’re looking for the ultimate user experience in your kitchen then professional kitchen style taps which have extendable/pull-out hoses are what you’re looking for. Pull-out taps are ideal for washing up and rinsing surfaces, making them ideal for busy family households. Additionally, with the advancements in kitchen taps, you don’t have to spend a fortune to purchase a pull-out kitchen tap.