How to Enhance The Look of Your Kitchen

How to Enhance The Look of Your Kitchen
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How to Enhance The Look of Your Kitchen

Whenever you spend a long time in a room you find yourself wanting to make changes and mix things up a bit. For many people, their kitchen is one of the most costly rooms to redecorate and it is often overlooked and pushed aside. However, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to improve the interior design of your kitchen. We have put together a list of small changes that will make all the difference, so make sure you give some of them a try. 

Invest in a new sink

This is such a tiny change but believe us when we say that it makes such a difference to the overall aesthetic. The majority of kitchens have a stainless steel sink and this can look boring and dull, simply making the change to install a crisp white sink, like this one from Rak for example, will instantly modernise the room. Of course, white might not work in every kitchen, if not, you can get some gorgeous black sinks too, like this one from Hansgrohe

Change up the lighting 

If the lighting in your kitchen is dim or you hate the overhead fixture, change it. Switching out an overhead light fixture is so easy and can change the entire look of the room. We would recommend that you use spotlights in the main area of your kitchen, as they provide the light required for cooking. However, you can also add some statement lighting, this works perfectly over a breakfast bar for example. Think outside the box, there as so many different colours, shapes and designs available. 

Install new taps 

Similarly to a new sink, purchasing a new tap can make a big difference. Especially if you opt for something stand out like this modern mixer tap from Bristan. Don’t think that you need to stick to stainless steel either, you can bring in different colours and metals with your sink. We personally love copper kitchen taps and gold kitchen taps. If this type of metal matches your kitchen then take a look at this statement gold tap from Bristan. 

Update your floor 

This tip may need more work but the dramatic difference it can make is worth it. A tatty kitchen floor can distract from the rest of the room so, this should be one of the first things you change if you really want a new look. Our advice would be to go for something relatively simple, keep it classic with a modern twist. This way, you know that it will work with any future changes you make. Something like Rak’s dark beige porcelain tile or Rak’s cool grey lapatto tiles will work perfectly with so many different designs and colours. 

Swap your cabinet handles

Something so simple and easy to do can modernise a room instantly. You don’t even need to change the whole cabinet door, you can simply change the handles. If your cabinets are in good condition then just replace the handles with something a little bit different. Experiment with different shapes, styles and materials until you find something you love. To take this a step further, you could also paint your cabinet doors which will completely change the look of the room. 

Dress up bare windows

Again, this is something that is ridiculously easy to do. Instead of just having a boring blinds, make use of your windowsill. Choose some small plant pots and ornaments or photo frames and plaques. Create the perfect combination between minimalistic and homely. However, don’t overfill your windowsill causing it to look messy and cluttered, pick a few nice pieces and think about where you place them. 

Purchasing the perfect items

If you are wanting to make a big change to your kitchen and are considering changing all of the items we have mentioned then we would advise that you start big and get smaller. Get your staples in and then accessories. So, of course, start with your flooring and then move onto your kitchen sink and the lighting before you buy a kitchen tap and cabinet handles. 

When looking for the best place to buy these staples for your kitchen please feel free to visit Tap’n Shower. You will have a huge range of flooring, sinks and taps to choose from. All of which can enhance the look of your kitchen without having to rip it out and start again.

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