Kitchen tap buyers guide. Buy the best taps for your kitchen

single handle mixer tap at silver sink in a modern kitchen
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Kitchen tap buyers guide. Buy the best taps for your kitchen

Across the market, there are many different types of kitchen taps to choose from. Some you may not be aware of. For the majority of households, there isn’t a need for a specific type of tap. However, other establishments may enjoy the specific functions that are available. You may even find yourself wanting to change tap when you find out what is out there. 

Here at Tap ‘n Shower, our specialist team have put together a helpful guide. Talking you through the most popular kitchen taps on the market. Keep reading to find out about the various options available along with examples of each for you to view.

Pillar taps

These are your standard two taps and used to be the most common type. However, they are now regularly replaced with mixer taps. You may find that some people still use pillar taps when their hot water pressure is so low that mixing with cold mains water pressure is impossible.

For a timeless, classic looking pillar tap we would recommend the Hudson Reed white topaz lever pillar taps. They have a luxury ceramic lever handle. Along with a traditional hexagonal collar - perfectly suited for low-pressure systems.

Mixer taps 

Mixer taps are the kind that you will find in the majority of kitchens these days. They are one single tap head that offers both hot and cold water. With there being many different types including;

  • Single lever mixer

A single-lever mixer is probably the most popular. As you can mix the water and turn them on and off all in one simple action. Turning the lever one way will give you hot water and turning it the other way will give you cold. 

An example of a modern, slightly different shaped single-lever mixer is the Nuie Kitchen Square Sink Mixer Tap.

  • Monobloc mixer

You will frequently find a monobloc mixer at a kitchen sink. They are available for both high and low-pressure systems. With this tap, you have two valves, one for hot water and one for cold. 

One of our favourite monobloc mixer taps is the unique looking Abode Ludlow Monobloc Brushed Nickel Dual Lever Kitchen Mixer Tap, this will look brilliant in any treditional kitchen.

  • Bridge mixer

This tap is similar to a monobloc mixer. It has two valves but it also has two mounting points instead of the one that other mixer taps have. It is more traditional looking and will take up more room on your worktop. 

For more of a vintage style tap, we would suggest you take a look at the Bristan Colonial Dual Handle Bridge Kitchen Sink Mixer Tap

Many people turn to a mixer tap simply because it is more aesthetically pleasing, it can also be helpful when you are lacking space around your kitchen sink.

Boiling water taps

Some people would describe this tap as the best thing since sliced bread. With a boiling water tap, you will never need to use a kettle again. You can get boiling hot water straight from the tap. It is perfect for anyone that is incredibly busy or maybe just impatient. You can get these boiling water taps with cold water and normal hot water too. So you have every option of water temperature you could need. 

If you have a sink with modern features, why not choose a modern style too? We couldn’t decide on just one favourite boiling water tap so take a look at the

 Abode Pronteau back tap and the Abode Pronteau copper tap

Filter taps 

If you dislike the taste of normal tap water then you absolutely need to invest in a filter tap. They are exactly what you would expect from the name. They provide you with filtered water straight from the tap. Filter taps are usually used in conjunction with boiling water taps to provide a range of different water options. 

To get filtered water you need a 4 in 1 tap like this

 Abode Pronteau tap, which dispenses domestic hot, cold, filtered and 98C water.

Pull out spray tap

Pull out kitchen taps are also getting more and more popular. They come from a commercial background and are very practical in modern kitchens. They look very similar to a mixer tap yet they have a bendy extendable neck which enables you to move the tap head. This type of tap works in a similar way to a showerhead. However, you will need to have a high-pressure water system to get the most out of these spray taps. 

Pull out spray taps can still look minimalistic and classy, take the Grohe high sprout pull out tap

Purchasing your new kitchen tap

All of the taps we have discussed today are available to buy on the Tap ’n Shower website. Hopefully reading this has helped you decide on the best kitchen taps to buy and the vast range available for you. We are sure that you will find something that works with your kitchen interior.

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