5 Important things to consider when buying a new shower

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5 Important things to consider when buying a new shower

In the fast-paced environment of the world we live in. A shower is becoming a staple of everyday life and is often chosen over a bath at the end of a busy day. They are quick and convenient, and if you are considering investing in a new shower. Then you want to make sure that you choose something that meets all your needs and requirements. 

When choosing any other aspect of your new bathroom. There are lots of things to consider when you buy a new shower. Tap'n Shower have put together a list of the main things you should think about before you invest. To help make your search for the perfect shower much easier.

How to choose the right Shower Size 

These days, showers come in all shapes and sizes. The number of options you have will be limited to the amount of space that you have. For example, if you’re replacing an existing shower. Then you will need to ensure that your new shower fits your existing shower inlet positions. If you’re completely refurbishing your bathroom and the space is flexible. Then you will have more options. 

In general, you will find that some shower types need more room than others. So, ensure that you know your measurements before you start looking. 

Shower Style in 2022

As with most bathroom styles. Showers fall into two broad categories: contemporary or traditional. Think about the style of your desired bathroom and the feel you want to create within the room. You will find that the majority of your other items already fit into one of these categories. 

Something like the Varsity thermostatic exposed dual function shower has a much more traditional look to it than the Grohe grohtherm 3000 cosmopolitan shower. From looking at the two you will know which works better with the rest of your planned interior. 

Bathroom Shower Height

Consider the differing heights of the people using the shower. You might be hoping to get a fixed shower head because it works in terms of style. But the height will have to be considered carefully. You might want to look at a slider rail kit or more than one shower head if you need to ensure the shower is usable by people of different heights. 

To get the best of both worlds we would recommend that you look at shower sets. This way, you can have the gorgeous fixed overhead shower you have been looking at. But with the functionality of a moveable or hand help shower arm too. 

Shower Water pressure 

Unfortunately, sometimes the shower you have to choose can be out of your hands. The water pressure in your home will influence how powerful your shower is and affect the type of appliance you will need. Choosing the right shower will mean the difference between high-pressure jets and a disappointing trickle of water.

If you’re in doubt about your water pressure. Then talk to an experienced heating engineer or plumber for more advice about the type of shower you need to work with the water pressure in your home. 


Of course, this is a big aspect when it comes to choosing the right shower for your home. Prices can vary and depend on your wants and requirements. A reasonable budget will differ too. By spending a bit more, you will get a better quality product. But, this could be at the expense of other items in your bathroom.

You need to decide how important the shower is and try to set yourself a budget that you can stick to. Always shop around for prices because it isn’t uncommon to see the same shower in many places for very different prices. 

How Tap'n Shower can help 

When searching for the perfect shower. Tap’n’shower is the best website to visit as they have an incredible range of products for you to choose from. Whether you're looking for something traditional or ultra-modern.  Tap’n’shower will have something for you to choose from. You can trust that not only will all the showers that you find on the Tap'n Shower website be genuine and made to the highest standard but, they are also incredible prices.

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