The 5 advantages of installing a wet room

Modern wet room in a grey tiled bathroom
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The 5 advantages of installing a wet room

Wet rooms are becoming increasingly popular within modern bathrooms. Not just because they are easy to access and use. But they are also much easier to install than alternative options. However, not everyone is sold on the idea of installing a wet room in their property. This is why the team at Tap ‘n Shower is here to provide you with some of the main advantages of wet rooms.

What are wet rooms?

The simple term for a wet room is a room designed for you to clean yourself. This is why it’s often seen as an alternative to a shower unit. The room is often designed with tiles on a sloping floor so that all the water rushes to the drainage unit. As well as completely waterproof walls so that the whole room is secure and durable under wet conditions. 

Wet rooms are very popular because they don’t require a screen or shower doors. Enabling the whole enclosure to feel open and modern for users.


  • Accessibility 

As mentioned, there are no screens, doors or curtains attached to the unit. Meaning it’s very easy to access the wet room to use without the need to climb into a bath/shower unit. This is why wet rooms are popular for disabled people. As it means that they can access the unit to wash whilst having ample space to move and clean.

  • Save spacing

Depending on your design. Shower wet rooms are a space-saving solution for many bathrooms. This is because they eliminate the need for a bath or a conventional bulky shower unit. As well as the attached components such as doors that are no longer needed. 

  • Aesthetic value

Wet rooms are clean, modern and stylish compared to standard shower units. Meaning they provide aesthetic value to the property. This is because of the lack of fixtures, promoting an open design and simplistic approach. Which can be redesigned and altered towards your own personal preferences. 

  • Value

Following the previous point, wet rooms also aid with the property value of your home. This is because it’s not only aesthetically pleasing, it’s highly practical, accessible and modern. Making them more valuable to own for many property owners. 

  • Easy to clean

As wet rooms are often just singular enclosed areas. They are much easier to clean compared to conventional shower or bath units. You will simply need to clean the adjacent wall units and flooring when appropriate. As well as the shower unit if needed compared to all the individual fixtures that build up grime for conventional systems. 

Tap n’ Shower

At Tap n' Shower we stock a huge range of walk-in shower room products. We can help advise on what items you may require when installing a wet room in your bathroom. 

Struggling to find a specific product? Why not get in touch? By calling us on 0116 269 6558, you can speak to one of our friendly customer service consultants who will be more than happy to suggest the most suitable products for your requirements. For general enquiries about our services, we recommend you email [email protected] with your message and contact details, where you can expect a reply within a single working day.

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