How To Save Water In Your Bathroom

How To Save Water In Your Bathroom
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How To Save Water In Your Bathroom

Water conservation is becoming an increasingly popular intention for many homeowners in recent years. There are two primary reasons for this.

  1. An increase in costs 
  2. An increase of pressure from environmental groups. 

Despite this, not everyone is fully aware of how they can play their part. This is why the team at Tap ‘n Shower have created this guide based on how to conserve water in your bathroom. 

Why you should conserve water

As mentioned, one of the primary reasons that saving water is key. Is that it aids with reducing your utility costs. This links to the second point. Being that the volume of available freshwater is significantly decreasing. Where we now only have an estimated 2% of freshwater. Which is stored within our ice caps and glaciers. Whereas the rest of Earth’s water, around 97.5%, is saltwater. As a result, it’s never been more important to contribute to conserving water. This can start in your bathroom.  

How to Save water

  • Check all faucets, pipes & vessels

Hidden leaks and dripping faucets. Are one of the most common issues that are related to the loss of valuable water. all of which contribute to the costs and failure to conserve water. As a result, it’s recommended to check your pipes regularly. Which either you or a professional can carry out. 

It’s always recommended that you hire a professional plumber to take a full look at your piping system. Primarily because they can use specialist equipment and techniques to test if any issues are occurring. Saving you time and money getting wasteful leaks detected quicker. 

  • Eco-showers

Showers are the most popular method of washing. This is why it makes sense to alternate your shower with a modern eco-shower when you have the chance. The primary benefits include reducing your water and energy costs by 50%. Without affecting the pressure or quality of your shower.

Even if you can’t buy a full eco-smart shower system right away. You can easily buy an eco head which varies in capabilities. That being said, each variant provides the same function of reducing water requirements. But still producing the very best outflow of water.

  • Put a bucket in the shower

If you prefer to leave your shower running before usage to warm up. Then it’s highly advised that you leave a bucket in the shower or bath enclosure so that you can collect the water. This water can then be used for other activities. Helping you to save money by avoiding pouring two separate amounts of water. 

  • Don’t waste pointless water

It may sound obvious, but not pouring pointless water is the first step to conserving water in your bathroom. A few examples include leaving the tap on as you brush your teeth wash your hands or whilst you shave. As all of this wasted water will contribute towards conserving and saving water. 

  • Water-saving toilets

High-efficiency toilets are soon becoming the pioneering option for toilets. As they can save up to 35% less water than a conventional toilet, whilst still being able to flush to a high standard.

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