Everything You Need to Know About Boiling Water Taps

Everything You Need to Know About Boiling Water Taps
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Everything You Need to Know About Boiling Water Taps

Are you always really busy? Or very impatient? If the answer is yes to either of these questions, then you will love the taps we are going to tell you about. When it comes to time-saving and convenience, nothing comes close than a boiling water tap. 

These incredible taps are becoming more and more popular and we are sure that you have seen them before, if not, at least heard of them. When you are wondering ‘which are the best kitchen taps to buy?’ we recommend that you take this type of tap into consideration. We have put together a guide of everything you need to know about boiling water taps to help you decide whether they are for you. 

What is a boiling water tap?

As the name suggests, boiling water taps provide instant hot water. It is a much more permanent addition to your kitchen than a conventional kettle as it needs to be plumbed in alongside, or instead of, your standard kitchen sink taps.

What are the advantages of this tap?

  • Time-saving 

This is the main advantage and probably the reason why most people choose to purchase this tap. Some kettles can take up to four minutes to boil, think of how much time you can save daily when you are provided with instant boiling water? 

  • Declutter your worktop 

There are so many different appliances you have to find room for in your kitchen. Being able to remove your kettle will give you more spare space and help your kitchen look less cluttered. 

  • Reduce wastewater

Unlike with a kettle, you only use the amount of water you need. Kettles usually have a minimum water line so even if you only need one mug’s worth of water you have to boil more than you need. 

  • Easy to use

If you have anyone in your household who had trouble lifting a kettle then a boiling water tap is a much easier option. It is particularly good for elderly people. 

  • Filtered water

Many people prefer to drink filtered water, some models will also remove harsh-tasting chemicals and in some cases soften and aerate the water, too. 

Are they expensive?

This is the off-putting part of purchasing a boiling water tap, many people are reluctant to buy them because they’re worried about the costs. We can’t say that they are cheap but, what we can say is they might not be as expensive as you think. With prices starting from as little as £380 they are definitely affordable. 

Are they safe? 

With scolding hot water available at the turn of a handle, safety is obviously a top priority. Unlike normal taps, the majority of boiling water taps utilise a safety sprung handle. You, therefore, can’t just simply twist the handle the same way you would for cold water, you first need to press down the safety button, then twist the handle, keeping it twisted whilst you fill up your mug.

These boiling water taps also deliver the hot water at a lower pressure than your standard cold tap. This prevents the water from spitting and splashing, again keeping you safe. 

How do you purchase a boiling water tap?

Nowadays there are plenty of ranges of boiling water taps to choose from, all of which can sit in your sink like any other regular kitchen tap. They look and work just like you would expect a normal tap, except they come with the added ability to produce boiling water on demand. 

If you’re looking for the perfect place to purchase your boiling water tap head over to Tap ’n Shower. You can purchase your kitchen tap online, quickly and simply with a wide range to choose from. We also stock some of the leading brands including, but not limited to, Bristan, Perrin & Rowe, Abode and Grohe kitchen taps.

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