Basin Mixer Taps

Basin Mixer Taps

  • Monobloc Basin Taps

  • Traditional Style Basin Mixer Taps

Monobloc Basin Taps
Basin mixer taps are also known as mono basin taps. A monobloc tap is a faucet that only needs one hole in the basin to control and supply the water. A single lever, usually located on the top or at the side of the tap, controls the temperature and strength of the flow. Bathroom mono taps are the most popular choice of taps in bathroom designs and are usually used in a modern aesthetic
Traditional Style Basin Mixer Taps
In the UK, we traditionally preferred separate hot and cold bathroom pillar taps, but in modern designs, the mono basin mixer tap has become the popular tap of choice. If your bathroom has a classic or period aesthetic but you’d still prefer to have a mixer tap, we have a range of beautiful traditional basin mixer tap styles from Armitage Shanks and Nuie.

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Basin Tap Finishes & Styles 

Bathroom fixtures have diversified from chrome and brass finishes in modern bathroom design. At Tap ‘n Shower we have a variety of finishes to match the colour scheme of your bathroom. Our range of mixer tap finishes includes the traditional chrome, brass, white, and gold colours, as well as the more modern matt black tap finishes.

Waterfall Tap 

If controlling the flow of your tap isn’t essential, why stick to a standard spout? Our range of elegant waterfall taps will cascade beautifully into your basin, providing a luxury fixture to your bathroom. 

Square Shaped Mixer Taps 

To add a different dimension to your bathroom suite, our range of square basin mixer taps adds clean and elegant lines to your bathroom. Avoid the contrast between a square-shaped basin and a curved tap with a cuboid-designed mixer tap. 

Extra-High Spouts 

Our range of extra-high basin mixer taps are ideal with a countertop basin. A higher spout is also perfect for washing your hair in the basin without difficulty! 

Wall Mounted Mixer Taps 

If you’re using a countertop or inset basin, or would simply like to keep your bathroom counter free-flowing, a wall-mounted mixer tap is perfect for saving space and catching the eye of your guests. 

Things To Consider 

Whilst they are elegant and popular, not all bathrooms and basins can accommodate a bathroom mono mixer tap. Here are several things to think about: 

Is the Basin Big Enough For a Mixer Tap? 

If you are installing a dainty basin intended for a small space, will a mixer tap fit? The good news is that at Tap ‘n Shower we stock a range of smaller bathroom sink mixer taps for smaller basins. However, many of the standard sizes may be too large. 

Does Your Basin Have Pre-drilled Tap Holes? 

If you are replacing two pillar taps for a single mixer tap, you will be left with two incongruous holes where the previous spouts were. Make sure your existing basin can accommodate the tap you’re purchasing, otherwise, consider getting a new fitting with our fabulous range of basins!