• Modern and Traditional Basins

  • Variety of Basin Styles

  • Luxury and Budget-Friendly Options

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Here at Tap ‘n Shower we offer an extensive collection of both traditional and modern basins, ensuring you’ll be able to find the perfect style sink for your bathroom, no matter whether it’s a spacious family bathroom or a snug en-suite. Our range of bathroom sinks and basins comes in a huge variety of styles and finishes, perfect for any bathroom.
Variety of Basin Styles
Our bathroom basin collection offers great value for money and will instantly uplift your bathroom space. In our basin range you can choose from full pedestal basin, semi pedestal basins, corner installation basins, wall hung basin, counter-top basins, inset basins and much more.
Luxury and Budget Friendly Options
Whether it’s a designer luxury wash basin you’re on the look out for or a simpler and more budget friendly style, we have wash basins to suit all budgets and requirements. However, there is one thing that can be guaranteed with all our basins, and that is that they offer superb high quality and are long lasting, providing you with a wash basin for years to come.

Types of Bathroom Sink

Full Pedestal & Semi Pedestal Basins

Pedestal basins are the most popular type of bathroom basin due to their versatility and can be found in an extensive range of sizes and styles to suit any bathroom. A pedestal basin offers support for the basin as well as hiding the pipework.

Pedestal basins are available in full pedestal or semi pedestal styles. Full Pedestal basins go from floor to basin offering complete support for the basin. Whereas semi pedestal basins are a type of wall hung basin which then uses half a pedestal to conceal the pipework, offering a clean and smart finish.

Corner Installation Basins

Corner sinks are a great space saving solution for any bathroom and can also work as a focal point for design focused bathrooms. Often more compact in size, corner installation basins are available as wall hung, pedestal or semi-pedestal basins.

Wall Hung Basins

A wall hung basin, also known as a wall mounted basin, doesn’t have a pedestal or stand beneath it, freeing up precious floor space. This makes cleaning your bathroom simpler as well as providing the allusion of more space within the room. Wall hung basins can be attached to nearly any wall, providing high quality and secure wall fittings are used to provide maximum strength and protection.

Wall hung basins look great in contemporary and modern bathrooms and work well with other wall hung features, such as a wall hung toilet.

Countertop Bathroom Basins

Offering a spa or hotel like feel to your bathroom, a countertop basin sits on the top of a counter or other suitable surfaces, such as a vanity unit, shelf or cupboard. Countertop basins are often available in a range of design-led styles, providing not only a basin for your bathroom but a piece of usable artwork. However, countertop basins may not be suitable for small children as they may struggle to reach the taps.

Inset Basins

An inset basin sits below the countertop in which it’s installed and offers a clean and minimalist bathroom design, common in hospitality and commercial bathrooms. Inset basins often offer a great countertop space for placing bathroom items ensuring they’re within easy reach, such as soap and toothbrushes. However, as inset basin requires either a unit or countertop for them to be installed into they usually require more space than other basin types.

Semi-Recessed Basins

A semi-recessed basin blends practicality with style, offering the perfect solution for both modern and traditional bathrooms. Sitting halfway into a vanity unit or cupboard, a semi-recessed basin is easy to use than other basin options and still offers the option of storage in the unit that it’s placed on.

Basins with Stands

Basins with stands work well in traditional or Victoria style bathrooms and offer a classic and elegant look. Generally offering great value for money, basins with stands are easy to install and will provide a reliable basin for years to come.

How to Choose your new Bathroom Sink

There are a few things you’ll need to consider when purchasing your new bathroom sink.

Wash Basins for Cloakrooms, En-suites & Small Bathrooms

You don’t have to compromise when choosing a basin for your cloakroom, en-suite or smaller bathroom. Just because you have less space to work with doesn’t mean you have to limit your design choices when it comes to the sink. Our range of basins at Tap ‘n Shower offers a host of options suitable for cloakrooms, en-suites and smaller bathrooms.

Space Saving Washbasin Solutions

If space saving is a high priority for you then you may wish to opt for a corner installation basin, space saving basin or our wall hung basin. Each offering their own unique features but all offering a great space saving solution.

Basins for Larger Bathrooms

If you’re searching for a basin for a large bathroom room, such as the main family bathroom, then a full pedestal basin, counter-top basin, inset basin or semi-recessed basin may offer the best solution.

What Size Basin do you Require?

No matter where you’re replacing an old basin or fitting a whole new bathroom, the size of your new sink is very important. If you’re replacing an old basin then it’s important to ensure your new basin will fit the same space.

Whereas if you’re redesigning your whole bathroom then you may have more flexibility, however, it is still important to check the depth and width of your new basin to ensure it fits within the space you have allocated and that it doesn’t protrude out to far. You may also wish to consider the height of the basin; however, this is usually less important than width and depth.

It may also be useful to know that the standard size of a bathroom sink is 550mm in width and 450mm in width for cloakroom sinks.

Tap Holes

Something that may have slipped your mind when choosing your new wash basin, is tap holes. This is the amount of pre-drilled holes in the basin for installing the basin taps. When choosing your basin you’ll need to consider how many tap holes the basin comes with and what that means for the type of taps you can install.

Basin Accessories

When purchasing a new basin there is also the accompanying accessories that you’ll need to consider, including taps, basin wastes and basin frames for wall hung basins.

Not Just Basins at Tap ‘n Shower

Here at Tap ‘n Shower you’ll also find a great range of vanity units and kitchen sinks, so whether you’re simply looking for a standalone basin, a basin with added storage or a sink for your kitchen, we can help.

Basin Brands at Tap ‘n Shower

Here at Tap ‘n Shower, our basins are made from high-quality ceramic in a white glaze finish, making them easy to clean and offering a durable product that will stand the test of time. Additionally, our collection of basins come from only the best top brands including Armitage Shank, Ideal standard, Burlington, Roca, Hudson Reed, Tavistock, Nuie, Rak Ceramics, Bayswater and more.