Basin Pillar Taps

Basin Pillar Taps

  • Contemporary and Classic Designs

  • Simple Installation

Contemporary and Classic Designs
Basin pillar taps come in a variety of styles with handles, levers and crosshead designs. The classic taps include period details with ceramic levers and indices. The modern basin pillar taps have elegant shapes with smooth rounded edges to give your bathroom a contemporary look.
Simple Installation
Easy to install, they include back nuts and they’re compatible with most plumbing systems including low pressure. The basin pillar taps from Tap 'n Shower, are available in different finishes and provide an easy way for you to renew your bathroom decor.

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What Is A Pillar Tap?

Pillar taps are typically considered to be traditional-style taps that have separate faucets for hot and cold water. This means you need a sink or basin with two tap holes. Having a pair of basin taps is very popular in the UK, as it was our national preference in the Victorian and Edwardian periods. Today many people opt for bathroom pillar taps to create a traditional style bathroom.

Pillar taps are particularly for houses with low water pressure, as otherwise you may end up with a tap that dispenses overly hot or cold water. With a separate tap for hot and cold water, it doesn’t matter if your hot and cold water pressure are different.

Modern & Classic Styles

Although pillar taps are thought of as a traditional-style tap, at Tap ‘n Shower we have a range of modern and classic designs to choose from. 

Our selection of contemporary style pillar taps come in a choice of shapes and sizes, with the option of choosing a lever, twistable handle or a push button timed flow. Our cubist style pillar taps with sharp angles and smooth edges make cleaning simple and match our variety of other cube style bathroom fittings.

If you are looking to create a Victorian or Edwardian style bathroom, we have a huge range of old-fashioned taps to choose from. Our traditional pillar taps feature ornate ridges, curved spouts and classic ceramic handles. Add an early 20th-century style tap with guarantee of modern high performance technology.

Range of Colours

Black Basin Pillar Taps

We have a range of pillar taps with black handles to help you coordinate with other black coloured bathroom fittings. 

Gold Basin Pillar Taps

Amongst our collection of pillar taps, we have a range of gold coloured pillar taps. Using a premium gold plating over solid brass means these taps won’t tarnish for years. We offer the highly popular Bristan 1901 range, which has several gold pillar taps, as well as matching bath taps, showers, and bathroom fittings.

Chrome Basin Pillar Taps

Chrome is one of the most popular finishes for bathroom fittings due to its durability and easy-to-clean surface. We have a selection of modern and classic-style chrome basin pillar taps to choose from. 

Pillar Tap Brands

Armitage Shanks

If you’re looking for a modern and functional basin tap pair, our selection of Armitage Shanks pillar taps are perfect. Feature robust but simple styles, these taps are built to last without breaking the bank.


At Tap ‘n Shower we have dozens of Bristan basin pillar taps to choose from, including their popular 1901 range and colonial range.


Our range of Burlington pillar taps features the Edwardian style spouts with ceramic single levers and indices. Choose between long or short spouts in a wide range of designs to suit your preference.