How To Improve Bathroom’s Ventilation

How To Improve Bathroom’s Ventilation
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How To Improve Bathroom’s Ventilation

To ensure that your bathroom remains smelling fresh, clean and damp free. Your ventilation must be working efficiently. This is even more important for bathrooms with no windows. Having fully working and operational ventilation is one of the most important aspects to avoid damage to your home. As well as making sure that the air is fresh for all those who are using the bathroom. 

Why is it key to improve bathroom ventilation?

Before we take a look at improving your bathroom ventilation. You must recognise why it’s so important to do so. Further prompting you to follow our guide and put in place some of the suggestions we make.

  • Improves air quality

Without enough fresh airflow. Your bathroom can become steamy, misty and can be filled with stagnant air. Further to this, fresh air circulation will also aid with removing old spores. Which can grow on fabric and walls if the air quality remains dire over time. 

  • Reduces emitted noise

Many newer ventilation models are designed to operate efficiently with less noise. Which is often one of the largest issues with older ventilation solutions. That being said, with the correct methods you may be able to reduce the noise being emitted from your current system. But this depends on a variety of factors. 

  • Save costs

The latest variations of bathroom ventilation units are much more efficient. In terms of productivity and airflow quality. Which will aid with the reductions in costs in relation. 

How to improve bathroom ventilation

  • Make use of your window

If you are fortunate enough to have a window within your bathroom. Be sure to take full advantage of it when you can. This includes having the window open a small amount when you are using your bathroom for showers or baths. Enabling for fresh air to flow into your bathroom. Additionally, you could attach a fan to your window. Enabling air to flow through the fan into the bathroom. 

  • Passive vents

By installing a ceiling or wall grill in a windowless room. The natural forces will help introduce fresh air into your bathroom. Whilst also aiding with the removal of humidity. What makes this method popular. Is that it often regulates the internal temperature of the room whilst removing the stale air. 

  • Run your fan for the right amount of time

Many people turn on their ventilation system just before and immediately after using appliances in the bathroom. which is often a poor choice to make. To guarantee that no mould will grow or any structural damage is caused. You should keep the fan running after using your shower or bath for a short period. To further aid with the removal of old air and moisture. 

  • Clean the fan

You should also clean your ventilation units when possible. Seeing as the primary role of an extractor fan is to extract stale air. It’s more than likely that dust will begin to build on the fan cover. Which will begin to decrease the quality of the ventilation.

  • Upgrade your system

One of the very best approaches to guarantee efficiency and top-performance is by upgrading your system. With several options now available. Including specialist bathroom and shower extractor fans, grills & vents and ventilation accessories. There has never been a better time to upgrade your system to improve your bathroom's ventilation.

How we can help

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