Choosing Your Perfect Bathroom Mirror

Choosing Your Perfect Bathroom Mirror
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Choosing Your Perfect Bathroom Mirror

Getting ready in the morning can be a challenge for many, with many people’s routine involving the bathroom for various reasons, which is why all aspects must be suitable for your needs. That being said, one of the most used accessories is mirrors, which is why it's key that you choose your perfect bathroom mirror before you make a wrong purchase. 

What you need to consider

Before we take a look at examples of the most suitable mirrors for bathrooms, you will first need to consider the different features, characteristics and aspects of your mirror. By doing so, you will be able to identify the most suitable bathroom mirror that you would like, as well as identify if any other examples that will be mentioned later fulfil your considerations. 

  • Size availability

Before you consider looking at the design, style or anything else, it’s important to recognise the size available for your mirror. First, you should evaluate the space available on your wall, including both the height and width available, so that you can gain an idea of the total space available. However, something else to consider is the size of the mirror with your vanity unit, as it’s never recommended to fit a mirror that is larger than the unit as it looks disproportionate and unaligned. 

  • Framed or unframed

When looking at mirrors, you will have to choose between two main different styles - framed or unframed. Each has its unique aesthetic appeal, but for bathroom purposes, it’s more likely that most homeowners will sway towards unframed mirrors. This is because they provide a modern, clean look for your home, rather than a framed approach which may be suited towards your bathroom if it’s very traditionally designed already. 

  • Single vs multiple

Linking back to the size availability, you may look to introduce more than one mirror into the area available. It’s not recommended to have the mirrors that are larger or not in alignment to the vanity unit, which is why two or more mirrors may be more suitable for larger bathrooms with a long worktop area with a clear wall. 

  • Function requirements

Mirrors were initially designed to simply reflect your projection back to you, but in recent years, there has been an increase in functions which some now require daily. A few worth mentioning include lighting, pocket outlets, demisters, shaving sockets, audio functionalities and minor storage capabilities. 

Different types of bathroom mirrors

  • Standard

If you are looking for simplicity, then a standard mirror is ideal. To increase its style and appeal, it may be worth choosing a unique shape or colour of your mirror, enabling the mirror to look more personalised to your bathroom. 

  • Anti-steam

As the name entails, these mirrors help to avoid steam from disrupting you from being able to use your mirror. These require minor maintenance and care to ensure that the anti-steam features work accurately. 

  • LED mirrors

To increase the light availability around your mirror, an LED lighted mirror is an ideal approach. This is often perfect for those who require their mirror at darker periods of the day including in the morning or night, as they can avoid the need to turn on the whole bathroom lighting. 

About Tap ‘n Shower

Although we are primarily recognised due to our bathroom fittings and ventilation solutions, here on the Tap ‘n Shower website, we do also have a selection of mirrors that are bound to fulfil your expectations. Two of our most popular options include our Burlington arched and anti-steam mirrors, both of which are ideal for most modern bathrooms. Struggling to find a mirror that piques your interest? By calling us on 0116 269 6558, you will have the opportunity to speak to one of our consultants who can recommend the most suitable mirror based upon your bathroom’s style and personal interests. For additional information about a specific product, we recommend sending an email to [email protected], where we intend to reply at the earliest convenience.

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