• Variety of Bath Styles

  • Selection of Accessories

  • Huge Range of Brands

Variety of Bath Styles
Here at Tap ‘n Shower we offer a comprehensive collection of baths in a huge variety of styles, to suit every bathroom and home. We have a broad range of traditional freestanding baths, as well as modern multi-functional shower baths, and more.
Selection of Accessories
Within our range of baths you’ll find everything that you'll need to complete your new bathing area, including bath panels, waste kits, leg sets and screens.
Huge Range of Brands
As an online bathroom specialist, we stock bathtubs from many leading bathroom brands, including Armitage Shanks, Ideal Standard, Premier, Burlington, Hudson Reed and many more.

Choosing the Right Bathtub for Your Bathroom

Baths are often the centrepiece to a bathroom which is why it’s important to take care in choosing the perfect one for your bathroom.

A popular choice for a lot of bathrooms is a straight bath as it provides a flexible option for many households. However, if you’re looking for a more opulent style of bath then a whirlpool bath or a freestanding and rolltop bath are sure to offer that extra level of luxury. Additionally, corner baths are a great versatile option that can add a touch of indulgence into your bathroom or provide a space saving solution in another.

Our range of bathtubs have been carefully selected to include stunning styles in a variety of sizes and configurations to ensure that you can find the perfect bath for your bathroom. So no matter whether you’re looking to maximise space in a smaller bathroom or you’re looking for an opulent bathtub with a range of features, you won’t struggle to find the bath for you at Tap ‘n Shower.

Bathtubs from Leading Bathroom Brands

We always want our customers to be sure with their new bathroom purchase which is why our range of baths includes options from many leading bathroom brands, including Armitage Shank, Ideal Standard, Premier, Burlington, Hudson Reed and many more. Several of which offer generous guarantees, allowing you to lay back and relax knowing you’ll be enjoying your bathtub for many years to come.

Types of Baths

Straight Single Ended Baths

The most popular choice of bath in British homes. A straight bath provides a flexible option for busy family households and can be installed into most bathrooms. Straight baths also allow for an optional shower to be installed over one end of the bath. Additionally, many straight single ended baths feature a gently sloped end to provide a comfortable bathing position.

Corner Baths

A corner bath can be a useful space saving item for smaller bathrooms, as well as a luxurious feature in a larger bathroom. Additionally, the high-end side of the corner baths market includes baths that feature a range of additional functionality, such as whirlpool jets and built in moulded seating. Furthermore, corner baths can also have a shower fitted above them to provide additional flexibility.

The flexibility of a corner bath means that it doesn’t require a wall long enough to be installed into a bathroom, however because of this corner baths tend to be deeper and often wider than typical straight baths, so you may need to ensure your system can cope with the additional water demands a corner bath may require.

Shower Baths

If you lack the space required for a separate bath and shower then a shower bath, also known as a P shaped bath or an L shaped bath, is a great option. A shower is installed over the bath with one end of the bath being wider than the other, usually designed in a curved or square shape. Shower baths provide a more comfortable showering experience whilst all providing a relaxing bath.

Steel Baths

A good quality steel bath can be a great investment into your bathroom as they are extremely durable and will look good as new in 20 years-time. Additionally, steel baths are resistant to warping, fading, chipping and scratches. Steel baths are coated in an enamel finish that provides a great in between option from acrylic or cast-iron baths.

Whirlpool Baths

Fancy a spa at home? A whirlpool bath is the perfect home spa that provides deep relaxation. The warm jets of water gently massage your muscles and provide a greater level of relaxation. With the advancement in technology, modern pumps in whirlpool baths are now much quieter than they once were, as well as more affordable – making it easy to enjoy that spa experience at home.

Double Ended Baths

Double ended baths have their taps and waste situated in the middle of the tub which means that both ends are free of any brassware, proving a much more comfortable bathing experience, whether it’s for one or two people.

Additionally, doubled ended baths can often be slightly wider than straight singled ended baths and therefore you may need to consider the plumbing setup if replacing with a different size bath.

Freestanding & Rolltop Baths

If you have the space available, then a freestanding or rolltop bath can really add an extra touch of luxury to a bathroom. Freestanding and rolltop baths don’t just look spectacular but provide a wonderful bathing experience.

However, it is worth bearing in mind that you may lack that important storage space created with a standard bath and therefore extra thought should be given to storage space, as well as provisions for taps and waste positioning.

Bath Accessories

When installing a new bath the job isn’t finished after you’ve chosen your bath. You also need to consider the extra items which are required to make a bath functional, including bath panels, wastes, bath legs, screens and bath taps.

Bath Panels

Bath panels are attached to the side of the bath to hide the underneath and provide a final touch to your bath aesthetics. If you have chosen a standard bath you will most likely also need to purchase accompanying panels, for either the side and/or front and end of the bath.

Bath Screens

Bath screens are used when a shower is fitted above the bath, to prevent water from leaking over the side of the bath onto the floor and the surrounding area. Bath screens are a great, modern alternative to shower curtains, providing a more stylish finish to your bathroom.

Bath Wastes

Another item that you’ll need to consider is bath wastes. Although the bath waste may be included with the bath, it also may not, so be sure to check this before purchasing your bath.

Bath Legs

If you have chosen a freestanding bath, then you may also require bath legs. Depending on the style of freestanding bath that you have purchased will depend on whether legs are required. Many freestanding baths are supplied with a solid base and therefore bath legs may not be needed.

Bath Taps

You can’t have a bath without running water. Luckily as the name suggests you won’t struggle to pick out your new bath taps here at Tap ‘n Shower. Our range of bath taps includes bath pillar taps, bath and shower mixer taps, floor standing bath shower mixer taps, waterfall taps and more to ensure there is the perfect tap for every bath.