Whirpool Baths

Whirpool Baths

  • Luxury Hot Tub Baths

  • Create a Spa in Your Bathroom

Luxury Hot Tub Baths
Jacuzzi baths, otherwise known as whirlpool baths, are a wonderfully relaxing addition to any bathroom suite, massaging your body with controllable jets of air. If you’re looking for a more indulgent bathing experience, at Tap ‘n Shower we have a range of bathtubs with jets to help you unwind.
Create a Spa in Your Bathroom
Whirlpool baths are perfect for homeowners who are looking to recreate a calming spa aesthetic in their bathroom. Spa baths are no longer exclusive to luxury retreats, the best whirlpool bath ranges will help you to relax from the comfort of your own bathroom.

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What is a Whirlpool Bath?

A whirlpool bath is a bathtub with massaging jets on the sides that are operated with a control. They are also known as spa bathtubs and Jacuzzi tubs after the popular manufacturer introduced the jet bath for hydrotherapy treatments in the late 1960s. The jets on a whirlpool tub work by sucking water from the bath into a pump and then air forces the same water back out through the nozzles.

The Benefits of Hot Tub Baths

Hot and cold baths have proven physical and mental health benefits, and the added kneading from a whirlpool bath jet will only increase the relax and recovery of bathing. The weightlessness of a bath will help to relieve joint pain and ease ailments like arthritis. The massaging jets from a jacuzzi bath will help you to recover from muscular pain. It is well known that a hot bath will also improve blood circulation.

The Number of Whirlpool Jets

The majority of whirlpool baths have a system of between 8 and 12 water jets on the side of the bath. The jets are purposefully positioned on the side to massage and relieve commonly achy muscles and joints. Double jacuzzi baths are likely to have more jets to provide enough nozzles for both occupants.

Taps for Jacuzzi Spa Baths

With a luxurious spa-style bath, it’s natural that you’ll want a beautiful tap to accompany it. Our whirlpool tubs come without drilled holes to allow you to choose your own style of tap, so you can opt for a classic British-style bath pillar tap, a wall-mounted bath mixer tap, or a luxury waterfall tap.