Bath Leg Sets

Bath Leg Sets

  • Sturdy Bath Feet

  • Bath Support Legs

  • Freestanding Bath Feet

Sturdy Bath Feet
When installing a new bath, it’s important to know whether you also need to get a bath leg kit, as many different types of baths are installed differently. Steel baths require sturdier steel bath feet that can support the extra weight in comparison to an acrylic bath.
Bath Support Legs
Straight baths and multifunctional shower baths are two of the most popular bathtubs for UK homeowners and are supported by metal legs that are concealed beneath the bath panels. Fitting the bath so it is properly level is vitally important, or the bath will not drain properly. Our universal bath feet come with adjustable feet to raise or lower each side of the bath to ensure each foot touches the floor, which can then be locked into place to keep the tub level.
Freestanding Bath Feet
Many freestanding baths allow you to swap the feet to change the style of your bath. At Tap ‘n Shower we have a large range of replacement bath legs in traditional ornate styles and more minimalist contemporary designs. This gives you the option to choose between a more or less elaborate style to suit your bathroom.

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