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Glass Bath Screens
Bath shower screens are a low cost and seamless way to add a shower into your bathroom by adding a glass panel that sits along the edge of your bath to avoid splashing water onto your bathroom floor.
Stylish Range of Screens
At Tap ‘n Shower we have a huge range of stylish bath shower screens with a variety of foldable panel options. We have screens with modern matt black frames, polished chrome frames, and even sliding frameless panels. Need to also refresh your bathtub? We also stock a comprehensive collection of branded shower baths with a little extra room to shower in.

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Bath Screen Buying Guide 

UK homes tend to have larger rooms at the expense of a smaller bathroom, which is why the bath shower is one of the most common bathroom setups in Britain. This allows more floor space to be used for other bathroom fittings and storage.

There are many types of glass shower screens for baths, so working out which type of bath and screen you’ll need can be tricky. Fortunately, at Tap n’ Shower we stock some of the biggest and best bathroom fitting brands, meaning you’ll be able to pick out a matching combination to easily install a bath shower. 

With that said, there are several things you’ll need to consider before picking out a screen. 

Types of Bath Shower Screen 

As there are several different baths, you’ll need to find a screen that will fit the size and shape of the bath. Bath shower screens are typically fitted to straight baths, but more contemporary showers baths with a wider end are also popular in modern bathrooms. These are the different types of screen to choose from. 

Straight Bath Screens 

The simplest and often most sleek choice, a straight shower screen has a straight edge to fit onto a straight bath. Straight bath showers can either be one square pane of glass with a corner or be a pane of glass with curved edges to compliment curved fittings. Straight bath screens are often frameless, which helps to make your bathroom feel bigger.

Curved Bath Screens 

A curved panel of glass will seamlessly fit around the edge of a p shaped shower bath to prevent water from splashing onto the floor. At Tap ‘n Shower, we have a range of Nuie baths and Nuie curved bath screens to easily add a matching set of fittings to your bathroom. 

Folding Bath Screens 

A folding bath shower screen is very practical for cleaning and easier access into the bath. Double hinged bath screens, where there are two folding panels, are also perfect for L-shaped shower baths. Folding shower screens also allow you to prevent as much water from escaping the bathtub by being able to fold inwards.

Sliding Bath Screens 

If you have got the space for folding screens, there are also sliding bath shower screens that allow for easier access in and out of the tub.

High-Quality Glass Bathtub Panels 

Glass bath screens are made using toughened safety glass, which means that they are designed to withstand heavy impact. In the event the glass panel does shatter, it is made to break into blunt pieces rather than dangerous sharp shards.