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  • Mira Valves, Mixers & Accessories

Wide Range of Mira Showers
Mira Showers are one of the UK’s most popular shower brands, offering a wide variety of expertly designed showering products. At Tap ‘n Shower we have an extensive range of Mira showers and accessories on sale, from budget-friendly options to luxury flagship models.
Mira Valves, Mixers & Accessories
We also stock a variety of Mira thermostatic mixers and showerheads. if you needed to add an individual part to your shower.

Mira Electric Showers

All Mira electric showers use their Clearscale™ technology, which helps to reduce limescale build-up. Amongst our large selection of electric showers, we stock the Mira sport shower– which is the UK’s best selling electric shower!

Mira Mixer Showers

Our selection of Mira thermostatic mixer showers combine the water from the hot and cold supplies for the perfect showering temperature. Mira mixer showers contain their Mira Magni-flo™ technology, which means that even if your water pressure is low, the shower can deliver a powerful flow.

Mira Power Showers

If you’ve got low water pressure, and a large supply of hot water, a power shower could be perfectly suitable for your home. Unlike thermostatic showers, a power shower cannot compensate for any pressure or water temperature changes.

Mira Digital Showers

A digital shower brings more technology to your showering experience. Pre-heat your shower with warm-up mode, track your water usage and even create custom showering experiences from the Mira Showers App. The Mira digital shower controls allow you to more precisely change the water temperature and flow strength. Much like a mixer shower, a digital shower mixes water from your hot and cold supply.

Mira Accessories

As well as complete showering systems, we also offer a range of Mira shower heads, fittings and accessories. We also stock a range of thermostatic mixer valves in case you need any spare parts.

How Long Do Mira Showers Last?

Mira have guarantees for all of their shower products: they have a 1 year guarantee for shower accessories and power showers, a 2 year guarantee for electric showers, and 5 years for mixer showers and digital showers. Mira products are manufactured to the highest standard, so their showers should last much longer than the guarantee length.