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Stylish Designs
Shop our extensive collection of both traditional and modern style toilets, you'll find the perfect style for your home. Whether you're looking for a traditional style toilet, or contemporary sleek back to wall toilet, we have a variety of styles at Tap 'n Shower.
Huge Range
Our complete basin collection is great value for money and will enhance the design of your space. Browse our full and comprehensive range of toilets and bidets. Choose from hidden corner fit toilets, urinals or even combination toilets with a sink.
Lasting Quality
Choose from our vast range of toilets and bidets from a range of reputable brands to fit any style or budget in your home. All built with quality and longevity at the forefront, you'll be sure to find a long-lasting, quality WC.

Due to the high priority of a toilet in a bathroom you want to ensure you purchase the right one for you. To get a better idea of the toilet you need to purchase it’s important you understand the different options available. 

All toilets are made up of 3 elements: the cistern, toilet pan and toilet seat. The cistern is the tank at the top of the toilet which holds the water ready to be flushed into the toilet pan. Toilets can also be split into 2 groups: hidden or exposed cistern.

  • Hidden cisterns toilets are available in wall hung toilets or back to wall toilets options.
  • Exposed cistern toilets are available in close coupled toilets, as well as high level and low level toilets.

Types of Toilet

Closed Coupled Toilets

The most common type of toilet, a closed coupled toilet, provides a well-rounded solution that can fit into any style of bathroom. With a closed coupled toilet, the cistern sits on top of the rear end of the toilet pan and can be operated by either a push button or lever. A closed coupled toilet is a well-rounded toilet that will suit any style of bathroom.

High Level Toilets

Back when toilets were new technology cisterns were mounted high on the wall to allow gravity to assist with the flush. Although this is no longer practically needed, high level toilets are a popular choice because of their classic appearance in a traditional bathroom. To install a high level cistern toilet you will require a wall tall enough to install the cistern. High level toilets are operated by a chain pull.

Low Level Toilets

Low level toilets are very similar to high level toilets, however the cistern is mounted at a lower level with the downpipe still exposed. Additionally, low level toilets use a level flush as opposed to a chain pull to initiate the flush. Low level toilets are perfect for rooms which aren’t tall enough for a high level toilet but are still after that traditional Victorian style look.

Back to Wall Toilets

A back to wall toilet is where the cistern is hidden behind either a wall or within a unit. This gives the toilet a modern and minimalist look, perfect for contemporary style bathrooms, as well as offering a great space saving solution for smaller bathrooms.

Wall Hung Toilets

Often associated with high-end hotels, restaurants and bars, wall hung toilets offer a luxury and contemporary option for any bathroom. Additionally, wall hung toilets provide a range of benefits, including being easy to clean, space saving, as well as providing a minimalist look.

Modern & Traditional Bathroom Bidets

Although a bidet might make more of an appearance in Europe mainland, they are still a popular choice for many UK homes. That’s why, here at Tap ‘n Shower we offer a great choice of stylish and high-quality bidets, perfect for any style of bathroom. Whether you’re looking for a wall hung or a back to wall bidet for your bathroom suite, you’ll be sure to find one to complement your bathroom at Tap ‘n Shower today.

Toilet Fittings & Accessories

Finish your toilet off with our range of accessories and extras, including wall frames, flush plates and push buttons, cisterns fill/flush valves, cistern levers and more. Many of our toilets are supplied with everything you need to install them, however, if you wish to adjust the setup of your toilet or you require a spare or replacement part, then our toilet extras are what you need.

WCs at Tap ‘n Shower

We offer toilets in every style and option and from all the biggest bathroom brands including Armitage Shank, Ideal Standard, Premier, Burlington, Hudson Reed, Tavistock, and more. Browse our extensive toilet range today to find the perfect WC for your bathroom.