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Bathroom Fittings
Once you’ve bought and installed your bathroom essentials, it’s important to then find the accessories to complete your bathroom. At Tap ‘n Shower we have an extensive range of decor and practical accessories to create more storage space, add character to your room, and keep your bathroom tidy.
Bathroom Assistive Accessories
Having mobility issues can be difficult when it comes to using a bathroom, which is why we offer a range of assisted bathing accessories. Many bathrooms become slippery if you have a tiled floor, so we have a selection of bathroom grab bars to provide extra support to people moving around their bathroom. Grab bars as well as back rests and shower seats can provide reassurance to people that they can bath and shower safer and easier.

The Essential Bathroom Accessories 

Whilst you may have grand ideas of installing integrated speakers and putting up wall art to your taste, there are several essential accessories that you should think about first. These are the items that you’ll be using every day, so will be used frequently. 

Towel Rails

You’ll need a place to keep your hand towels close after you’ve used the sink, otherwise you’ll create a slippery floor. Even if you’ve got a heated towel rail in your bathroom, it’s always a good idea to have a separate towel rail, especially if you don’t have the storage or countertop space to store your towels.

Toilet Roll Holder

Many people choose to put their loo roll on the top of the cistern, but if you’ve got a back to wall toilet where the cistern is enclosed, you’ll need a wall mounted toilet roll holder.

Soap Dispenser

Even if your sink has a large enough brim to store your soap, getting a soap dispenser or a soap dish is a much tidier way to store your suds. This will also help avoid soap streaks in your sink.

Bathroom Lights

The lighting is a very important aspect of the bathroom fittings, as in many cases you’ll need to install lights that have a sufficient IP rating. In a bathroom, you’ll want a mix of colour temperatures for different functions. For example, by your mirror you’ll want a neutral white light around 4000K, whereas a warmer light around 3000K might be preferred nearer your bath if you wanted to relax.

Shower Caddy

A shower caddy ensures that your body and hair care products are tidy and off the floor. At Tap n’ Shower we have a range of corner and wall mounted shower caddies to keep your shower area clutter-free.

Bathroom Bin

You’ll be using a lot of products in your washroom, so it’s very handy to get a pedal bin to dispose of the unsightly waste.

Bathroom Accessory Ideas

One of the greatest struggles when finding accessories is trying to match them together. Fortunately, at Tap n’ Shower we do offer bathroom accessory sets to ensure your essential fittings are all the same style and colour.

Fittings For Small Bathrooms

The bathroom is frequently the room in the house that sacrifices space to keep other rooms at a good size, meaning you have to choose fittings for a small space. For this reason, most bathroom decor and accessories can be mounted on the wall to leave you with more floor space.

Chrome Finishes

Bathroom fittings and accessories come in manner different styles and finishes, so there is a lot to choose from when designing your bathroom. Having so many different styles makes it much simpler if you want to get accessories in the same colour and style but from different brands.

Chrome accessories come in a variety of styles, from sleek modern to more traditional styles— so are versatile.

Chrome is the most common finish used on bathroom fittings, including on the shower, taps, rails and all the accessories. One main reason is that most chrome furnishings, even from differing brands, have a very similar finish meaning it’s easy to mix and match. Chrome finishes are also great value for money.

Classic Style

If you are going for a more traditional aesthetic for your bathroom, you may consider using gold, brass or copper coloured bathroom accessories. If your property is older, then these colours will help to keep the character of your home. Other characteristics of a classic style bathroom is a freestanding and roll top bath and metro wall tiles.

Modern Style

If you live in a more modern building, then pink, grey and black bathroom accessories are more likely to suit a modern aesthetic. At Tap n’ Shower we stock a range of contemporary coloured matte finishes for our bathroom fittings. On top of that, backlit mirrors and installing a waterproof bathroom TV are all characteristic of a modern bathroom design.

Accessories You May Forget


Keep your sink clutter-free by adding a tumbler to hold your toothbrushes, so they’re not lying on the worksurface. We have a range of classic and contemporary chrome and brass wall mounted holders to suit your bathroom theme.

Robe Hooks

You’ll want a place to hang your bathrobe or dressing gown whilst you’re washing, so don’t forget to pick out one of our wall-mounted bathroom hooks. We stock a variety of gold and chrome plated robe hooks with double and single hangers.

Toilet Brush & Holder

You’ll want to keep your toilet clean by getting a toilet brush holder to match your other bathroom accessories. Whether you’ve got sufficient space or not, you can choose from a wall mounted or free-standing brush and holder.


Instead of a bulky and expensive waterproof cabinet, you could consider putting up glass shelving to house your furnishings and healthcare products. At Tap n’ Shower we stock a range of shelving to provide you with extra storage space. We recommend glass shelving, as this is not prone to be damaged by the moisture.