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  • Keep Your Bathroom Warm & Tidy

Stylish Heated Towel Rails
There really isn’t a more comforting feeling than wrapping yourself in a warm, fluffy and dry towel when you’re fresh out the shower or bath. That’s why here at Tap ‘n Shower we offer a great range of heated towel rails, perfect for a bathroom of any size.
Keep Your Bathroom Warm & Tidy
Our stunning range of heated towel rails work as an ideal multi-purpose feature, drying your towels as well as providing a handy storage solution and ensuring your bathroom is a comfortable temperature all year round.

The collection of towel rails at Tap ‘n Shower embraces both modern and traditional styles including curved towel rails, straight towel rails, designer towel rails, coloured towel rails, traditional towel rails and electric towel rails. Providing you with the best in design and warmth, as well as ensuring you can really find a heated towel rail that works for you and your bathroom.

Different Types of Heated Towel Rail

As part of our heated towel range you’ll find a huge variety of choices. To help make the decision easier for you we have provided a quick guide on the options available to you.

Electric Heated Towel Rails vs Central Heating Towel Rails

Heated towel rails are available in two options: electric or central heating heated towel rails. Which one is best for your bathroom will depend on your home setup and personal preferences.

Electric Heated Towel Rails

Electric heated towel rails operate from electricity and run independently of your central heating system. Offering a great choice for homes that aren’t fully central heated or where the boiler doesn’t have the capacity. However, because electric heated towel rails are run independently of the central heating system, they work well in summer months when the central heating isn’t in use.

Central Heating Towel Rails

A central heating towel rail is plumbed into your central heating system, similar to your standard house radiators. Often when installing a central heating towel rail in your bathroom you will be replacing a standard radiator and therefore you should be able to install the new towel rail relatively easily. Once installed your towel rail will come on when your central heating system is activated.

Styles of Heated Towel Rails

Heated towel rails are also available in a wide range of designs and styles. These options include:

Curved Heated Towel Rails

Providing slightly more space behind the bars for hanging extra thick, fluffy towels, curved heated towel rails have crossbars which as the name suggests are curved outwards away from the wall. The curvature in the crossbars creates a visually appealing look, as well as providing a slightly higher heat output due to the crossbars being slightly longer. Curved heated towel rails complement bathrooms that already make use of curved bathroom accessories.

Straight Heated Towel Rails

Often referred to as ladder towel rails, straight towel rails make use of straight crossbars and sit flat against the wall. Straight heated towel rails are a popular option for any bathroom and offer a modern and stylish look, whilst also providing ample space for hanging towels.

Designer Heated Towel Rails

Gone are the days where you are limited by the standard choice when choosing your new towel rail. Now you even have the option of designer heated towel rails to really create a feature out of your towel rail. Our range of designer towel rails come in a variety of styles and are perfect for modern and contemporary bathrooms.

Our range of designer heated towel rails also include flat panel heated towel rails that provide a minimalistic and contemporary look. Working the same as a standard heated towel rail, flat panel towel rails will blend seamlessly with your existing bathroom accessories and décor.

Coloured Heated Towel Rails

You no longer must choose between just white and chrome towel rails. Here at Tap ‘n Shower we offer a range of coloured towel rails including anthracite and black heated towel rails. Anthracite and black towel rails are the perfect addition to any modern bathroom and complement a range of bathroom décor.

Traditional Towel Rails/Radiators

If you’re looking for a traditional look for your bathroom then our range of traditional heated towel rails and radiators are perfect for you. Combining classic styling with modern technology and engineering, traditional towel rails will look spectacular in any traditional or Victorian style bathroom.

Using a Heated Towel Rail as a Bathroom Radiator

A heated towel rail is the ultimate multi-functional bathroom must have because it not only warms and dries your towels, but it also works as a radiator, heating the entire bathroom and removing the requirement for a bathroom radiator.

When purchasing a heated towel rail, it is important to ensure you purchase the correct size and heat output required for your bathroom. This will ensure your bathroom doesn’t become over or under heated and reduces energy wastage.

Remember that when it comes to most standard UK bathrooms, they are relatively small and therefore it’s important not to go overboard when choosing the size and heating output of your new towel rail.

Purchasing Your New Heated Towel Rail from Tap ‘n Shower

A heated towel rail is an easy and affordable way to bring a touch of luxury and a spa-like feel to your bathroom, whether it’s the family bathroom, en-suite or even a cloakroom. And because we know that not every bathroom is the same size our heated towel rail range is available in a wide choice of sizes and heat outputs, as well as finishes. Additionally, our heated towel rails are from only the best brands including Ecoheat, Reina, Radox, Kartel, Bestheat, Nuie and more.

As part of our heated towel rail range we also stock a plethora of valves and accessories, ensuring you have everything you need to install your new towel rail.

Whether you know exactly what you’re after or you require a bit of assistance, Tap ‘n Shower is the place for you. Our online store and ordering system makes it easy for you to locate exactly what you’re after. Alternatively, please feel free to get in touch with one of our friendly and knowledgeable team members who will be more than willing to assist you with your heated towel rail purchase.

Buy your heated towel rail from Tap ‘n Shower today to guarantee a little more luxury in your bathroom.