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Beautiful Vanity Units
A bathroom vanity unit is a great way to add additional storage space within your bathroom, cloakroom or en-suite, allowing you to store away unsightly toiletries, towels and other bathroom clutter, creating a beautiful, yet functional, looking bathroom.
Add Essential Storage
Many people overlook their bathrooms and associate them with being essential rooms that don’t get much love and attention, however being essential doesn’t mean that they can’t be beautiful, well designed, organised and functional room.
Range of Designs
Our collection of bathroom vanity units are available in a range of sizes, styles and finishes to suit your requirements. So, no matter whether you’re looking for a small and compact vanity unit for your cloakroom, or a modern and contemporary wall hung vanity unit for your family bathroom, we have a vanity unit for every bathroom here at Tap ‘n Shower.

The Perfect Vanity Unit for your Bathroom

Vanity units come in a wide variety of configurations; the most popular being floor standing vanity units, corner vanity units or wall hung vanity units. Floor standing vanity units are easily installed and can cover any pipework, guaranteeing your bathroom looks neat and tidy. Corner vanity units are perfect for installing in small areas where space is limited, creating a smart and compact storage solution. And wall hung vanity units create the illusion of space, adding a contemporary feel to your bathroom.

No matter what type of vanity unit you’re looking for, you’ll be sure to find the perfect solution at Tap 'n Shower with our extensive range of high quality, modern and traditional bathroom vanity units, all at great affordable internet prices!

Stylish & Practical Wall Hung Vanity Units

With the move towards more modern and contemporary bathroom designs, wall hung vanity units have seen a rise in popularity due to their ability to create the illusion of space, whilst looking stylish, as well as being a practical solution for bathroom storage. Here at Tap 'n Shower, our range of wall hung vanity units includes both single and double basins units, as well as units in a huge variety of finishes, including matt white and grey, gloss white and grey, textured oak and more.

Bathroom Vanity Units from Big Name Brands

You will be pleased to know that Tap 'n Shower only stock vanity units from the best brands and manufacturers including:

If you’re looking to save space and purchase a great value for money storage solution for your bathroom then a vanity unit will be sure to offer you both features. Vanity units, otherwise known as bathroom sink basin cabinets, under sink cabinets or basin cabinets, allow you to keep all your toiletries within arm’s reach whilst also staying out of sight, ensuring your daily routine isn’t disrupted.

A vanity unit is possibly one of the most important pieces of bathroom furniture as it allows you to combine your basin with your bathroom cabinet, creating a multi-purpose piece of furniture that will fit seamlessly into your bathroom, no matter whether it’s the main family bathroom, en-suite bathroom or cloakroom.

Bathroom Furniture Packs for Stress Free Bathroom Shopping

Within our vanity units collection we also stock a range of back-to-wall WC units and furniture packs. Our back-to-wall toilet units conceal the cistern providing a clean and smart finish to your bathroom. Additionally, our range of back-to-wall toilet units can be combined with many of our vanity units to create a seamless and complete look for your bathroom.

Our collection of furniture packs have combined a range of matching back-to-wall WC units, vanity units, toilets, basins and taps to provide everything you need in one simple package to make your bathroom shopping as easy and stress free as possible.

Finishing Touches for your Bathroom Vanity Units

Don’t forget the finishing touches to your vanity units and furniture packs. As part of our vanity unit collection we offer a range of worktops and knobs and handles to add the finishing touches to your new bathroom vanity unit. If you’re unsure what finishing touches you require for your vanity unit then be sure to get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team by emaioing [email protected].