Advanced Mirrors

  • Functional Mirrors for Every Bathroom

  • Bathroom Mirrors with Integrated Lights

  • Anti-Steam Bathroom Mirrors

Functional Mirrors for Every Bathroom
A quality bathroom mirror is an essential item that no bathroom can be without and it’s rare to find a bathroom without one; not only are they useful for making sure you’re ready for the day but they can add the perception of space and help illuminate light around the room.
Bathroom Mirrors with Integrated Lights
Bathroom mirrors are no longer just mirrors, with the advancement in technology, there has been the introduction of a whole range of mirror functions, from anti-steam mirrors to mirrors with built in lighting. These wide range of features allow you to be more productive and make your life easier when in the bathroom.
Anti-Steam Bathroom Mirrors
There’s nothing more annoying than going to use your bathroom mirror to find it’s steamed up and then there is the issue of wiping away the condensation which can leave unsightly marks on the mirror. To ensure your mirror stays steam free and to prevent the built up of condensation, invest in an anti-steam bathroom mirror.

Types of Bathroom Mirror

If you wish to have more directed light in your bathroom, or maybe you don’t wish to have the main bathroom light on, bathroom mirrors with integrated lighting is your answer. Mirrors with integrated are available in a range of options including:

  • Backlit mirrors
  • Illuminated mirrors
  • LED mirrors

Backlit Bathroom Mirrors

Backlit bathroom mirrors are the perfect solution for both traditional and contemporary bathrooms and can add that finishing touch that your bathroom has been looking for. Backlit mirrors are ideal for apply makeup, shaving and styling as they emit the perfect light and don’t cast shadows.

Illuminated Bathroom Mirrors

Illuminated bathroom mirrors are great for adding additional light into your bathroom and allow you to add light into the most used areas of the bathroom. Additionally, they allow extra light for those grooming tasks that require a bit more detail. What’s more, with illuminated bathroom mirrors, the increased focus on energy efficient lighting means that the majority of our illuminated bathroom mirrors are supplied with energy saving LED lights.

LED Bathroom Mirrors

LED bathroom mirrors are becoming an increasingly popular option due to the growing pressure on providing environmentally friendly lighting options. Because LEDs offer a low energy lighting option, as well as providing a bright light, they are fast becoming the go to option for bathrooms.

How to Choose A Bathroom Mirror

To make the most of your bathroom mirror we recommend choosing one that complements your bathroom space and interior design. As bathrooms often have limited natural lighting, mirrors are an important source of light to help reflect the light that is available around the room.

Bathroom Mirrors for All the Family

A family bathroom can be a busy place, so having a bathroom mirror that is equipped for all the family’s needs helps life run that little smoother. Tap ‘n Showers range of advanced bathroom mirrors can offer great functionality for everyone in the family. Whether it’s a backlit, illuminated or LED mirror or an anti-steam or demister mirror, our range of advanced bathroom mirrors will be sure to keep all the family happy.

Choosing the Best Mirror Size for your Bathroom

There are a few things you may want to consider when deciding what size bathroom mirror you’d like. It is important to get the right sized bathroom mirror to ensure it fits well within the space you have available and to ensure it looks good and integrates with the rest of the bathroom décor.

You will also need to consider whether the mirrors main purpose is for practical or aesthetic purposes, or potentially both. It is also important to remember that a bathroom mirror should be roughly the same size as the sink or unit below it, however, the taller the mirror, the better, as it allows more light to be captured, creating the impression of a larger and brighter space.

Installing Bathroom Mirrors that Require Electrics

It is important to remember that if you’re purchasing a bathroom mirror with electrical functions you need to be aware of the health and safety issues, as well as building regulations regarding electrics in bathrooms and IP ratings.

IP stands for ingress protection and is the regulation for keeping moisture away from electrical appliances within wet areas. In the UK bathrooms are split into zones from 0-3, with each zone having its own risk level. The higher the zone number the lower the risk level and because of this each zone is limited to specific electrical equipment and requirements which need to be considered before installing electrical equipment. Therefore, it is important before purchasing a bathroom mirror with electrics that you consider the zone in which it is going to be installed and whether it will be possible and safe to do so.

We have provided a quick guide to help you in this decision, however, we always recommend you consult a qualified electrician before installing electricals into your bathroom.

Bathroom Zones

Zone 0

The area inside a shower or bath enclosure. Fittings in this area must be rated to a minimum of IP67. Products in this area must also be SELV with a max of 12 volts.

Zone 1

The area above a shower or bath enclosure, up to 225cm. Fittings in this area must be rated to a minimum of IP44. Additionally, if there is a possibility that strong jets of water will be used, IPX5 is required.

Zone 2

The 60cm strip area parallel to the bath or shower or above zone 1. You may also wish to consider a 60cm radius around washbasins to also be part of zone 2, just to be cautious. Fittings in this area must be rated to a minimum of IP44. Additionally, if there is a possibility that strong jets of water will be used, IPX5 is required.

Zone 3

Any area not covered by zones 0-2 within the bathroom. Fittings in this area do not require an IP rating, however electrical equipment installed within this area should follow BS7671 regulations.

Bathroom Mirrors with Storage 

If you’re looking for a bathroom mirror but also require additional storage space then our range of mirrored bathroom cabinets are exactly what you’re looking for. Mirrored cabinets allow you to store away bathroom products whilst also providing a functional space, perfect if you’re short of storage space in your bathroom. Mirrored bathroom cabinets are ideal for ensuite bathrooms and cloakrooms.