Flomate Mains Boost Extra 100 Pump

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Flomate Mains Boost Extra 100 will deliver 18 litres/minute flow at 3.0 bar pressure to multiple outlets within the property up to the pre-set cut-in limit of the 100 litre pressure vessel, at which time the system will deliver 12/litres/minute until demand ends and the vessel re-charges. Designed to be fitted directly to the incoming mains and in accordance with UK water regulations.

Flowmate Mains boost pump provide a simple solution to low water pressure and flow, while being compact they can be connected directly to the incoming mains supply without the need for messing with the break tank.

Flomate Mains Boost Extra 100 Pump
Manufacturer Part Number:MBF100-1-15


  • 3 year guarantee.
  • Connects directly to the incoming mains.
  • Up to 18 litres/minute at up to 3.0 bar pressure.
  • Quiet operation.
  • WRAS approved.
  • Continuously rated.


  • Peripheral pump with a flow switch.
  • Pumps impeller made from Brass.
  • Seals are made from EPDM/PTFE/Al. Oxide.
  • Max watts used by pumps 365.

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