Column Radiators

Column Radiators

  • Traditional-Style Column Radiators

  • Variety of Sizes and Colours

Traditional-Style Column Radiators
Column radiators are a great way to heat your home whilst keeping to a classic design. Our traditional style column radiators are great for complimenting period homes and also to add a classic twist to new builds.
Variety of Sizes and Colours
We stock a huge range of column radiators in various sizes and colours, and all are available for fast delivery from our UK distribution centre.

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What Are Column Radiators?

A column radiator is a traditional style radiator made of several columns that are connected by pipes at the top and bottom. They are styled based on the Victorian cast-iron radiators, however, most modern radiators are made with stainless steel, which heats up much faster.

Column Radiator Styles

Thanks to modern designs and more materials, our column radiators come in a diverse range of colours and styles, so you can find a radiator to suit your interior design preference.

Vertical Column Radiators

Vertical radiators are perfect for making use of the height of your walls to save floor space, as well as offering a more unique and stylish alternative to a horizontal radiator. Our vertical designer column radiators will help you complete a heritage interior design.

Shop our complete range of vertical radiators for more styles and colours.

Cast-Iron Radiators

For a completely traditional radiator for your home, we have a selection of premium cast-iron column radiators at Tap ‘n Shower. Cast-iron has a higher conductivity than steel, which means that although they heat up slower, they retain their heat for longer. Their classic colouring and style will help to create a period aesthetic.

Black & Anthracite Column Radiators

Radiators in a black or anthracite finish are very popular in modern homes, and a grey or black column radiator will certainly add a contemporary statement to your room. As well as looking sleek, if you’re looking for a steel column radiator, getting it in a darker colour will also help it to look more like it’s traditional cast-iron predecessor.

Are Column Radiators Efficient?

Compared to typical horizontal panel radiators, column radiators are more efficient at heating the air around them. This is because unlike other radiators, column radiators do not have as many metal components, like convector fins, that heat is wasted on. The gaps in between the columns of a column radiator allow air to heat up around it and circulate around the room.

This means your rooms will warm up quicker, meaning you won’t have to keep the heating on for as long. So column radiators could also save you money in the long run.