The 4 key bathroom trends for 2022 you need to know

Modern free standing bath in a light brown natural bathroom
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The 4 key bathroom trends for 2022 you need to know

It’s summertime, so why not renovate your home so that it's fresh, modern and up-to-date with the latest trends? To help renovate your bathroom. The team at Tap'n Shower have created this list on 2022 bathrooms trends. So that you have a modern bathroom that it’s fresh and in time with the latest styles and designs. 

Open plan bathrooms

Not just in 2022, but for several years leading up to. The use of an open plan bathroom has become popular due to the eye-catching result of viewing the whole bathroom on approach. Visually, they will also increase the size of your bathroom. As well as providing convenience for homeowners to step around the room. 

In addition to the general open plan approach. The implementation of spread out and singular furniture around the room is also the latest trend. which is why it’s no surprise if you now see a freestanding bath in the centre of the room without a supporting wall or cabinet.

Shower rooms

Following the open space course, the latest craze of showers revolves around large wet rooms. Often in a spa-like style. With a completely open-plan bathroom. Homeowners assume that the room is much bigger and more spacious. Than with a confined shower as they are able to see the full spectrum of the room. 

In order to achieve this experience. It’s vital that you use the correct materials and colour combinations. Depending on the floor plan in the bathroom. You may be able to continue with the same style throughout your walk-in shower. So that it ties in with the rest of the bathroom. Alternatively, this may be the perfect time to show your dedication to the bathroom renovation project. By making the shower stand out with alternative colours or styles. 

Darker colours

Previously, everyone has been favouring the use of lighter, brighter colours within their bathroom. But now the latest design trends revolve around darker colours. It’s not favoured by all, as it’s the complete opposite of traditional complete white design. But using a correct combination of black and white particularly can make your whole bathroom look much more sophisticated and modern. 

However, too many dark colours can ruin the whole room. Which is why it's vital that the correct amount is used throughout. You should avoid making the whole room black. As this will often drain energy. Which is why you should decide on only key aspects such as the walls within your shower, your cabinets or other accessories. Including showerheads, towel racks and shower panels.


You can’t use real gold throughout your bathroom. Unless you are extremely wealthy! But the use of gold styling is making a comeback. You can go overboard by using too much, which is why you should consider what you would like to stand out. After all, people will be attracted to look at gold features. This is why a few of the most favoured fixtures to paint gold include all piping, taps, mirror frames and shower units. Because they will look old and worn with their natural colours.

Tap'n Shower

Here at Tap'n Shower, we recognise all these latest trends which is why we regularly update our stock. So that we are able to supply customers with the highest-quality bathroom furniture from known and reputable brands. Whether you are looking for light fittings, flooring tiles, roll-top baths or anything else bathroom-related. Look no further than the Tap'n Shower website.

If you would like to speak to our friendly customer service team about a specific product or service. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We are available to call on 0116 269 6558, where we are happy to provide more details. As well as address any questions or concerns you currently have.

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