How to Choose a New Shower - Shower Buyers Guide

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How to Choose a New Shower - Shower Buyers Guide

For many households, the shower is the most crucial part of the bathroom. Other than the toilet of course. Which is why the shower must be fitting for its plumbing, convenience and design. In recent years, there has been a significant increase in technological advantages when it comes to the shower. Where older systems are soon becoming outdated and replaced. 

With many shower types now available, the choice can be hard. which is why the team and Tap N Shower have created this guide on the latest shower systems available. So that you can gain a better understanding of the shower they should buy next.

Manual mixer shower

Manual mixer showers are the most recognisable systems available, as they are often the most traditional. For the shower unit to work, it will source hot water directly from the mains. Followed by the cold mains water which will be combined within the unit and delivered through the showerhead. The reason why this is a manual mixer is that you have to adjust the hot and cold water until the outflow of water is to the temperature you desire.

Thermostatic mixer shower

Similar to the manual mixer shower, in terms of how the water is supplied through the two mains pipes. Thermostatic showers take out the need to manually combine the water to a certain temperature, as it will be set to a pre-set thermostat. These systems also mean that the water pressure is maintained regardless of any other activities that use the mains water supply.

Electric showers

Unlike mixer showers, electric showers produce hot water on demand, rather than requiring hot water from the mains. This is achieved by flowing cold water from the mains into the shower unit. Which has a heating unit within, which is then utilised to heat the water before it reaches the showerhead. 

Power shower

Often confused with electric showers due to their appearance. power showers utilise a pump system to achieve an extra powerful performance. Which is ideal if you don’t have a high-pressure water system. 

However, as power showers use hot and cold water to achieve the temperature. Temperature can be controlled through different approaches. Either manually mixing the water or through a controlled thermostat, which is the preferred option.

Digital Shower

Seen as the most advanced option, digital showers provide the most control when it comes to the temperature of the water. This is thanks to its simple processor box. Often installed close to the shower unit. Which allows you to select the most suitable temperature that you desire. 

Like most of the other solutions, digital showers take water directly from the cold and mains water supply. Meaning they operate as a similar approach to power and mixer showers. But they are much more controlled.

Can we help?

Whether you are keen on purchasing a brand new shower unit, shower head or any other bathroom supplies. We are certain the Tap N Shower website is for you. That being said, if your key focus is on showers, we highly recommend taking a look at our range of Hansgrohe thermostatic showers. They are one of our favourite brands due to their innovative designs. Most notable the Ecostat Select. Which helps to regulate temperature and water quantity in the shower so suit your individual needs.

For those that are keen on speaking to one of our specialists about a particular product we have available. We recommend getting in touch with our team today. You can reach our team by calling 0116 269 6558, though if you would prefer to write, we suggest emailing [email protected] with your query and contact details. where one of our experts will be in touch shortly to assist. 

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