Different Interior Design Themes for Your Bathroom

Different Interior Design Themes for Your Bathroom
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Different Interior Design Themes for Your Bathroom

Whenever you decorate a room. The design choices you make will usually fall into a specific interior design theme. Unless you are aiming to mimic a particular style. You may not even be aware of which theme your room imitates. Knowing what style and theme you've adopted. Can really help when it comes to purchasing more furniture and accessories for the room. 

Of course, interior design themes can apply to all rooms of the house. Yet many people don’t realise that they can dramatically change and decorate a bathroom. In many homes, there isn’t much thought put into the bathroom interior design. Many people aren’t aware of the potential that this room has. To help anyone wanting to refurb their bathroom and give it a new lease of life. Tap N Shower has looked into the different interior design themes that look amazing in a bathroom space. 

Mid-century modern bathroom

The overall aim of a mid-century modern bathroom is for it to be light and spacious. White walls and floor tiles are often combined with big windows or skylights. letting in as much light as possible and making the space appear bigger. Furniture is often chosen for its sleek basic design and turned legs are a key feature to look out for. This type of interior design is often described as chic and trendy. Which is incredibly sought-after these days. 

Bohemian Bathrooms

This type of design is becoming increasingly popular and it allows you to play with colours, patterns and textures more than any other interior design theme. As far as a bohemian style bathroom is concerned you can expect to see freestanding bathtubs, mismatch furniture, ethnic art print tiles and unique accessories. You can guarantee that this design will have a lively ambience and be full of energy. 

Traditional farmhouse bathrooms

The best way to describe this theme is retro and rustic. It takes you back to simpler times and the design plays with the required basics. You definitely won’t find a sleek bathroom TV in this theme! The old style of this design usually incorporates whites and creams. With natural wood to create a homely feel. You can expect to see a classic bathroom suite. With traditional detailed cabinets which provide you with the traditional look. 

Shabby chic bathrooms

This interior design theme is used in multiple rooms of the house. Many favour this in their kitchen and living areas. The foundation of shabby chic isn’t too dissimilar from the traditional farmhouse. Yet, shabby chic has a beautiful French vintage twist. The colour pallet for shabby chic is always neutral. You can expect to see distressed furniture like vanity units with real character. This interior design theme always feels homely and lived in. 

Urban modern bathrooms

The majority of bathrooms these days will be urban modern. It is the most common style and can be achieved easily. With items readily available in homeware and bathroom stores. This theme is all about contemporary living and it has a big cosmopolitan influence. In general, grey colour schemes are favoured and the furniture is soft. You can expect to see ‘D’ shaped showers and curved countertop sinks. This theme is always guaranteed to be a good base for any bathroom. 

Choosing an interior design theme for your bathroom

Taking the time to think about different interior design themes. Can really help when it comes to redecorating your bathroom. Any of the themes mentioned above will work perfectly in all bathrooms. No matter what shape or size your bathroom is. Use these five popular themes to help you design your perfect bathroom. 

If you’re searching for somewhere to buy items that match your new bathroom interior design theme. visit the Tap N Shower website. We have the perfect selection of bathroom accessories, furniture and fixtures to create your ideal bathroom. No matter which theme you choose. Save yourself the hassle of scrolling through multiple websites. Find that dream freestanding bath for that bohemium bathroom or urban modern bathroom cabinets by heading straight to Tap N Shower and upgrade your bathroom decor and style easily.

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