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Quality Assured
Bristan has been a leading tap manufacturer in Britain for over 40 years, producing high-quality faucets to cater to all budgets. A Bristan product is as good as any, which is why around a quarter of households in the UK have a Bristan tap or a shower fitted.
Bath Taps
Choose a Bristan bath tap if you want to refurbish your bathroom with a high-quality faucet. Our selection of Bristan bath shower mixer taps come with a useful shower handset on a hose, which great for washing hair without having to go in a cubicle.
Basin Taps
At Tap n’ Shower we have a huge range of Bristan pillar basin taps if you prefer the classic British style of separate hot and cold taps. Or, if you prefer a more modern faucet, we also have stock Bristan mixer taps in a variety of styles.

Bristan Kitchen Taps

One of the best aspects of Bristan’s kitchen and bathroom taps is that they offer a diverse range of styles, from timeless Edwardian styles to more modern designs. Whether you have a period-style or sleek modern kitchen, our range of Bristan kitchen mixer taps will only to a beautiful kitchen design.

Bristan's Quality Tap Guarantee

The taps are an important element in any bathroom or kitchen, they are used multiple times on a daily basis so you need to ensure they function to a high standard and are designed in line with your style. Bristan taps and bathroom products are functional yet classy, and every tap comes with a 5-year guarantee, so you can be assured by choosing a Bristan tap that you’ll be integrating a quality product.