• Many Types of New Boilers

  • Variety of Accessories & Filters

Many Types of New Boilers
At Tap ‘n Shower we have taken away the stress and made buying your new boiler as simple as possible. Each of our boilers has been categorised by type, for example, oil boiler or gas boiler, making it easy for you to browse only the boilers you’re interested in.
Variety of Accessories & Filters
Additionally, as part of our boiler range, you’ll find a host of other products including water heaters, filters and flues and accessories, ensuring you have everything you need for your new boiler installation.

Which Type of Boiler is Best for Your Home?

Boilers come in a variety of types, styles and sizes, which ensures there is a boiler out there for your requirements. Below we have explained the basics of the main types available to help you choose which boiler is best for you and your home.

Combi Boilers

A combination boiler, also referred to as a combi boiler, uses the mains water pressure to power hot water through the property, whether it’s for your radiators or hot water for the taps. With a combi boiler the water is heated as and when it’s required, meaning there is no need for a hot water tank to store the hot water, making it a great space saving option for many homes.

Heat Only Boilers

Regular boilers, also known as heat-only boilers, as the name suggests only provide heat for your central heating system, however, they can be used together with a hot water tank and a cold-water feed to provide hot water in the property. Many traditional UK home use this type of setup.

System Boilers

System boilers are similar to heat only boilers, however, they don’t require a cold-water feed as many of the elements required are already built into the boiler. Because of this a system boiler is a great space saving option, compared to a heat only boiler.

Gas Boilers

When it comes to fuelling your boiler there are 2 main options: gas and oil. Gas boilers are fuelled by natural gas, delivered via the mains gas pipe and are used the vast majority of UK homes. Gas boilers are available in a range of options, including, combi gas boilers, system gas boilers and heat only gas boilers.

Oil Boiler

If a gas-fuelled boiler isn’t an option for you and your home, then an oil fuelled boiler is a great alternative. Oil boilers operating in a very similar way to gas boilers, however they draw oil from a tank that is usually located within close proximity to the property.

Boiler Brands

Worcester Bosch Boilers

Worcester Bosch boilers are one of the leading boiler brands and over the past 50 years have built up a reputation for producing reliable and energy efficient boilers. Worcester was originally founded in 1962, however they became part of the Worldwide Bosch Group in 1996. If you’re on the search for a new boiler then Worcester Bosch boilers is a good place to start. Here at Tap ‘n Shower we stock an extensive range of Worcester Bosch Boilers, as well as Worcester Bosch Thermostats.

Ideal Boilers

Ideal is another leading domestic boiler manufactured, delivery highly energy efficient boilers to homes across the UK. Ideal boilers offer a reliable system which has been designed with the standard UK household in mind. Here at Tap ‘n Shower we stock a wide range of Ideal boilers in sizes and styles to suit every home.

Everything You Need for Your Boiler Installation

Here at Tap ‘n Shower, we offer a range of our boilers as part of boiler packs, ensuring you have everything you need to install your new boiler. Our boiler packs are available for combi boilers, heat only boilers and oil boilers, and bundle a range of products together including the boiler, flues and accessories for your convenience.

Expert Advice from Tap ‘n Shower

Purchasing your boiler online is a smart move as they’re often cheaper, however, we understand that you may have a few questions. Which is why we have a team of experienced and knowledgeable staff on hand to help. In addition to our friendly staff, each of our boilers is supplied with a plethora of information online, including everything you should need to know before purchasing your new boiler.