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Grohe Sense Guard Installation Video

Think of the worst thing that can happen: a pipe bursts, the cellar gets flooded, mould creeps up the walls, the antique furniture is ruined and … stop right there!

In the case of a burst pipe*, GROHE Sense Guard immediately shuts off the water. With GROHE Sense Guard the moment a pipe breaks, AquaBlock reacts immediately, closing the valve, shutting off the water.

1 x Grohe Sense Guard

Grohe Sense Guard detects and shuts off the water supply automatically, preventing your home from being flooded.

Constantly measures and compares water pressure, temperature and flow with pre-set thresholds.

Using the Grohe Ondus app you can remotely track your water consumption - daily, weekly or monthly and keep your bills under control.

The Grohe Sense Guard alerts you to unsual consumption and discovers leakages or anomalies.

During extended periods of frost, frozen pipes cause an increase of 52% in reported water damage. Both Grohe Sense and Grohe Sense Guard help to avoid potential damaged caused by frost.

Grohe Sene Guard senses the water temperature where it eneters your house and gives you early warning of the risk of incoming frost water.

Even if it loses Wireless LAN connectivity - the shut off function is controlled by the AquaIQ algorithm and still works independtly.

The Grohe Sense Guard detects Micro leaks - Such as a dripping tap in the night, a garden hose that hasnt been turned off completely or a dripping toilet. The Grohe Sense Guard detects mcro leaks in the cold water system and alerts you so can you react.

In the case of a burst pipe - the water will be shut off automatically using Aquablock.

One glance at your smartphone tells you all you need to know.

Detects unusual water consumption and alerts you Incase of a power cut - the valve will remain open for drinking water to still be provided to the property.

3 x Grohe Sense

As soon as it senses unwanted water, a red light flashes on the glossy acrylic plate and a buzzer sounds It is Wireless LAN connected, so it is able to send an alert to your smartphone by push notification via app or email.

Easy to install Place the compact device on the floor where there is a risk of flooding, download the GROHE ONDUS app, follow the simple step by step instructions and in less then 10 minutes you are protected!

Integrated sensor also sends you daily updates of the temperature and humidity measurements, which help to prevent frost damage and the spread of mould, and sends a warning when they move above or below your chosen thresholds.

The energy usage is so efficient that the battery lasts up to 4 years Mould can develop in just 24 hours - it not only damages your house and property but is also a health hazard for the very young and the very old.

Get a daily update of room temperature on the hour, set thresholds and get warned instantly if critical The self learning algoithm ensures that all alerts and actions are perfectly adapted to match your household situation.

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  • When you integrate Grohe Sense Guard into the main water pipe, it constantly monitors water flow, pressure and temperature, actively detecting leaks and frost risk, responding to even the smallest changes and alerting you automatically
  • One look at your smartphone tells you all you need to know: the water has been stopped and you can relax Moreover, Grohe Sense Guard sends you a notification via the Grohe Ondus app in case of a detected leak - whether is a micro leak or a burst pipe
  • Frost damage happens most often in rooms that are not often checked - like the cellar - or weekend homes that may stand empty much of the time. Grohe Sense Guard senses the system temperature where water enters your house and gives you early warning.
  • No surprises at the end of the year.....finally you have transparency over your water consumption. Check your app and track daily water consumption.
  • Detects a pipe break, automatically shuts off the water supply and alerts you. Even without connectivity, Grohe Sense Guard detects the pipe break and alerts you through a pulsating red light and a beeping sound.
  • User friendly app that gives you complete control over all your connected Grohe products. using intelligent cloud based technology, the Grohe Ondus app for IOS and Android guarantees maximum water enjoyment and safety.
  • Grohe Sense is protected against spraying water which means it complies with the IPX3 industrial standard for water protection.
  • An integrated sensor that measures humidity and warns you via Grohe ONDUS app push notification and email if it stays above or below your chosen thresholds for more than 3 hours - perfect for cutting the risk of condensation and mould. Grohe Sense transmi


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