Grohe Sense Guard Smart Water Controller 22513Ln0

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For wireless LAN, mains powered, 230 V, UK plug type G

For one family house detects pipe breaks, micro leaks, frost and unusual water flow

Automatic, manual or remote shut off function to limit water damage

Senses flow rate and water pressure

Measures system temperature to indicate frost risk

If you have a powercut the valve remains open, to allow for drinking water to still be provided to the property

Customise settings via GROHE Ondus App for iOS and Android

Status indication via LED light, audible alarm and app

Residential use

Recommended min.recomendedpressure 1 bar ( only suitbale for high pressure water systems )

For horizontal or vertical installation right after the water meter, cold water only

Use of wall mounting set 22 501 000 recommended, sold separately

Including: - 1 x water controller with 1“ connection - mounting nuts 3/4“ - extendable power cable 0.7 m length, plug type G CE approved wireless LAN 2.4 GHz noise classification 1 in accordance with DIN4109 Made in Germany

The Grohe Sense Guard Smart Water Controller prevents leaks and minimises the impacts of water damage due to broken pipes and leakages. This smart water system monitors the flow, pressure and temperature of water in the pipes 24/7, and gives you a smartphone notification warning of any anomalies.

When the Grohe Sense Guard detects leaks, a frost risk, or unusual water consumption it will automatically shut off the water supply and will alert you via the app and through a visual and audible notification on the control itself. 

Be comforted that less frequented areas of your home or holiday homes are safeguarded from unforeseen water damage. Pipe breakages and frost damage that causes leaks often happen in cellars, garages and rooms that are not often visited, so installing a smart monitor to ensure you are alerted of your water consumption will give you peace of mind. 


  • One look at your smartphone tells you all you need to know: the water has been stopped and you can relax. Moreover, Grohe Sense Guard sends you a notification via the Grohe Ondus app in case of a detected leak - whether is a micro leak or a burst pipe.
  • Frost damage happens most often in rooms that are not often checked - like the cellar - or weekend homes that may stand empty much of the time. Grohe Sense Guard senses the system temperature where water enters your house and gives you early warning of th
  • No surprises at the end of the year.....finally you have transparency over your water consumption. Check your app and track daily water consumption.
  • Detects a pipe break, automatically shuts off the water supply and alerts you. Even without connectivity, Grohe Sense Guard detects the pipe break and alerts you through a pulsating red light and a beeping sound.
  • User friendly app that gives you complete control over all your connected Grohe products. using intelligent cloud based technology, the Grohe Ondus app for IOS and Android guarantees maximum water enjoyment and safety.
  • Mains powered 230V UK plug


  • Supplied with a 5 year manufacturers warranty.

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