GROHE Blue® 600-litre filter cartridge - 40404001 (Disabled by RAB)

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This replacement S-Size Grohe Blue filter cartridge is suitable for GROHE Blue Home, GROHE Blue Professional and Grohe Red instant boiling water taps. The Grohe Blue filter purifies water to remove odours, substances, and undesirable tastes to leave you with great tasting drinking water.

Through a five phase filtration process, the filter captures all particles over over 5 µm, including sand, dirt, lime content, insecticides and compounds like chlorine that can create hard and unpalatable drinking water. 

How to replace the Grohe Blue Filter

If your Grohe Blue tap begins flashing orange, it means it's time to replace the filter. To replace your existing Grohe Blue filter cartridge, simply unscrew the used filter counterclockwise, minding that it may drip. Then simply take your new filter and screw it in tightly. You'll also need to reset the countdown on the window - simply hold down the left-hand button until the window flashes with "RF", then press the left-hand button again to bring the counter back to 99.


  • For Use With Grohe Blue Kitchen Taps
  • Reduces Limescale And Heavy Metals
  • Reduces Substances Responsible For Taste And Odour (E.g Chlorine)
  • Purifies up To 600L of Water
  • Compatible With Grohe Blue home, Grohe Blue Professional And Grohe Blue Pure (Only With Flow Meter)

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