CalFresh C Drinking Water Filter Kit

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CalFresh C delivers filtered drinking and cooking water on demand. This filtration kit features a separate drinking water tap and a compact, under-sink cartridge housing. The fine carbon grade and small mesh structure of the Fresh C cartridge ensures the highest chlorine reduction is achieved. Recommended for filtration of sediment, dirt, discolouration, unpleasant taste and smell, chlorine, organic material, bacteria, cysts and heavy metals – CalFresh C means filtered water at the touch of a tap.


  • Brand - Calmag.
  • Continuous supply of finely filtered water – better for drinking and cooking.
  • High chlorine reduction.
  • Combats problems with sediment, dirt, discolouration, poor taste and smell.
  • Reduced organic material, bacteria, cysts and heavy metals.
  • Complete kit ready for installation.
  • Saves money – no need to buy expensive bottled water.
  • Continuous supply from a separate water tap.
  • Quick under-sink installation.
  • Easy to change cartridge.

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