Top 7 accessories to add to your Bathroom

Top 7 accessories to add to your Bathroom
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Top 7 accessories to add to your Bathroom

Designing any room in your home with accessories can be enjoyable. Although, for whatever reason, not everyone decorates their bathroom with the same enthusiasm. This is why we have asked our team here at Tap ‘n Shower about their must-have bathroom accessories. So that you can fully accessorise your bathroom. 

Heated towel rails

Many homeowners adopt a standard towel rail. That is often mounted to the wall. Whereas a heated towel rail is much more than a simple accessory. As the name mentions, the towel rail is heated. Enabling you to dry and warm up towels when you need them. Making your washing experience much more warming.

Dressing Gown holder

In addition to your towels. Your dressing gown should also be stored when not in use. This is where a dressing gown holder is ideal. One of the best placements for this includes on the back of your door. As it’s out of the way from any other fittings, as well as being in place for when you need to leave the bathroom.

Bathroom Tumbler holder

Tumbler holders are a practical accessory that can be used for a variety of reasons. Primarily they are used as storage facilities for your toothbrushes, earbuds and any other small items. It means items can be stored conveniently without getting lost. For design appeal. There are several variations available, with the most popular being wall-mounted. As it won’t take up any space on your vanity unit.

Soap dispensers

Of course, You can place a bar of soap on the side of your sink. But a soap dispenser or soap holder looks much more professional and cleaner to use. With several options available. you are bound to find a dispenser that suits your colour scheme and ties in with the rest of your bathroom's interior. 


Turn your bathroom into a warm and pleasant space by using candles. Not only are they decorative, but scented candles are a great approach to make your bathroom smell delightful and welcoming.

Grab rail

Grab rails were designed for those affected by disabilities as a way to easily access baths, showers and toilets. Although there is no reason why they shouldn’t be used in everyday bathrooms. Additionally, some rails often include extra features including soap baskets, making them highly practical for users. 

Aqua speakers

Waterproof shower speakers have become increasingly popular in recent years. It means that people can listen to music whilst they shower. Furthermore, it’s more than likely that the system is also linked to your smartphone or voice-controlled, making the speaker easy to use.

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