The 5 Most Popular Bathroom Storage Solutions of 2022

The 5 Most Popular Bathroom Storage Solutions of 2022
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The 5 Most Popular Bathroom Storage Solutions of 2022

Like with any room in your house. You are looking to store particular items for later use. Your bathroom is no different. However, like all homeowners, you are trying to keep your home  clutter and furniture free. To create a simple but welcoming environment. Which is why it’s key to choose the most suitable storage solutions available. 

The team at Tap N Shower recognise this. Which is why we have created a guide on the five most popular bathroom storage solutions. Giving you a better idea of what you need to buy next. 

  • Bathroom Vanity units

If you are keen on making the most of the space available, then a vanity unit is perfect. The principle idea for all vanity units is the same. Which is that the basin unit is combined with an intelligent storage assembly. To create an innovative, modern and practical storage solution. 

For decorators, vanity units are available in a diverse range of styles. Meaning we are certain you will find a unit that is suitable for your current interior design. A few of the most popular solutions include floor standing, corner and wall hung bathroom vanity units. Although there are several other options also available.

  • Bathroom cabinets

Cabinets are the most known storage solutions available. What makes them so popular is that there are several choices available for style, size and design. If you are limited for space. A corner or wall-mounted cabinet will be most suitable, whereas a standard floor standing cabinet is also available. 

Compared to vanity units, the whole of the storage unit can be used. Meaning you can store items within the cabinet, as well as on top of the unit to make the most of the space available.

  • Wall-mounted shelving

If floor space is limited, then why not look to storage solutions that are above the ground? We have already mentioned that cabinets and vanity units can be wall-hung. But wall-mounted shelving is one of the best storage solutions for smaller or visually appealing items that don’t need to be placed in hiding. 

Once again, there are several styles available. Though if you are keen to create a modern and clean look, then glass shelving is one of the very best materials to use. This is because it takes very little attention away from the rest of the bathroom’s interior. Whilst also being capable of holding various products for storage. 

  • Shower tidies

Although it’s not the largest storage solution on offer. Shower tidies are one of the most effective approaches to store shower and bath products in a suitable location for ease. It’s often the case that they are mounted to the wall at a suitable height. So that you can reach shampoo's and shower gels easily when they are needed. 

  • Bathroom Shelving units

We have already mentioned that wall-mounted shelving units are one of the most popular storage solutions. But so are conventional floor standing units. It’s often the case that these units don’t have doors, so the contents can be hidden. Which is why they are best suited for decorative purposes or items, that may be used on a regular basis.

Tap N Shower

For those that now have a better idea of the most popular bathroom storage solutions. All the products mentioned above are available on the Tap N Shower website. As one of the largest online bathroom retailers, storage solutions are just some of the many products that we have available. If you are also looking for a new showerhead, mirror or bathroom tap, then we are certain we can be of help.

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