Small Decor Changes to Your Bathroom Make a Huge Difference

Small Decor Changes to Your Bathroom Make a Huge Difference
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Small Decor Changes to Your Bathroom Make a Huge Difference

There is no denying that completely refurbishing a bathroom can be timely and expensive. Because of this, many people choose to disregard making any changes at all to their bathroom. Simply putting up with the way it looks. It doesn’t have to be this way. Because a bathroom is a relatively small space. Even slight changes can make a huge difference. 

A bathroom should be both functional and beautiful. Tap N Shower has put together a list of small updates you can make that will effortlessly breathe new life into the room. These changes can help you to love the space without having to spend a lot of money, so try them out for yourself today. 


Whilst your bathroom furniture includes your bathroom suite. It also covers things such as your bathroom cabinets and vanity units. Replacing certain pieces of furniture will be easier and cheaper than others. But, these items can still make a huge difference. 

Changing your bathroom vanity units, for example. Can change the whole look of the room, especially if your current unit takes up a lot of space. With such a wide variety of designs available these days. You can choose something chic to replace your current unit giving the whole room a fresh updated look.


Lighting has such a huge effect on a room and it can either make or break the space. It isn’t uncommon for bathrooms to lack natural light. As they often only have a small window. This means that the majority of the light will be artificial. 

Switching up your bathroom lighting fixtures can not only make a big difference to the way that the room is lit. But, they can also change the style of the room too. For example, swapping to spotlights will detract attention from the fixture. Whereas purchasing a pendant will draw attention. Decide which style you’re going for and choose new fixtures that fit in with this.


The fixtures in your bathroom cover everything from your sink taps and your shower head to your toilet seat. They are often some of the first things to look outdated and worn. Thankfully, they are also incredibly easy and cheap to replace. 

Swapping your old sink taps for some contemporary stylised taps. Can instantly modernise a room, as can changing your shower head. With numerous colours, shapes and sizes to choose from. You can choose timeless fixtures that you love to instantly update the look of your bathroom overall.


Your bathroom accessories include everything like your soap dishes, toilet roll holder, shower curtain and towels. These things are the finishing touches to the room. Often the things that you end up hating first. 

Most bathroom accessories can be swapped out for new ones without causing any issues to the functionality of the room.  You can change these as and when you want to. Try playing around with colours and patterns with your accessories to bring a new lease of life to the room.

Sprucing up your bathroom 

All in all, the small changes mentioned above have the ability to completely change the look of your bathroom. Highlight the main areas in your bathroom that you’d like to change and see how some of the tips above can help. You will be surprised how much of a difference they can make.  

If you’re looking for somewhere to buy new items for your bathroom. Visit the Tap N Shower website today. We have everything from shower enclosures to bathroom mirrors for sale. 

You can get everything you need to transform your bathroom all in one place. So, why look elsewhere? Start your bathroom transformation today. 

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