How to Design Your Dream Bathroom

How to Design Your Dream Bathroom
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How to Design Your Dream Bathroom

Everyone always pictures their dream kitchen and bedroom in their mind. But what about your dream bathroom? Although you tend to spend most of your time at home in every other room than your bathroom. It should still be one of the most important rooms in your home in terms of design and planning. To help you understand the best ways to design your dream bathroom. The Tap ’n Shower team has put together this guide for you. 

Bathroom Layout 

One of the most important aspects to consider when designing your dream bathroom. Is the current layout. As this can influence the whole design of the room. You will need to take a detailed look at the bathroom plan. So that you can recognise where the pipes, drains, water lines and vent stacks are all installed. You can then begin to design where required bathroom furniture will be installed. Including the bath, shower, sink and toilet. 

Alternatively, if you have the funds. You can look to completely overhaul the layout of the bathroom so that it's more suitable for your goals. However, this could mean completely ripping out existing plumbing and starting again. One of the most common layouts includes one-wall line-ups. Where the sink, toilet and shower run along one wall in the bathroom. Although this is a cost-effective solution. It often restricts the design plan and can be very limiting.

Bathroom Flooring

Before you begin to install any storage units within the bathroom. It’s vital that you are satisfied with the flooring situation. Traditionally bathroom floors take into consideration slip resistance. Being impervious to water and enduring. But there is one other key aspect that should be considered before choosing your flooring - underfloor heating. 

A dependable underfloor heating system has been proven to be much more energy-efficient than radiator systems. In terms of heating not just your bathroom, but also your whole home. Not only will this help you to save money. But by installing underfloor heating, you can save space due to the lack of requirements for a radiator. This space can then be used to install additional bathroom storage units or simply a clear floor. 

However, you need to understand that it’s vital that you consider the material that you will be using for your floor. Just a few of the most popular options include concrete, sheet vinyl, ceramic, stone & vinyl tiles. With a selection of floor coverings available. You are able to use a design or style that is suitable. That satisfies your dream ideas and matches its surroundings. 

Bathroom Colour schemes

When you design your bathroom, it’s important to establish the mood that you are looking to create. As this can determine the colour scheme that you are going to use. This is because the colour scheme applies to more than just the walls. It also applies to the furniture and applications within the room. 

Particularly for the walls, you will also need to consider what wall coverings you are going to use. The most obvious options are wallpaper, paint and tiling. However, other combinations are also favoured in order to create a unique and stylish approach to your bathroom.

Bathroom furniture

Once all of the design and planning phases of the principle bathroom have been completed. It’s then important to begin to consider the furniture and appliances that are going to be included. It’s key to take into consideration the colour scheme that you have already selected. So that you can then find suitable products that consist of the same style. 

A few of the most notable products for new bathrooms include vanity units, corner cabinets, advanced anti-steam mirrors and tallboy units. It’s important to ensure that each of these products matches each other. In terms of materials, style and colours. This is why it’s always recommended to buy your fittings from the same supplier. If you know what you want in your bathroom. Find a supplier that sells the whole range before proceeding.

Bathroom Decor Finishing touches

In order to complete your design. you will then need to take a look at miscellaneous items that are needed. For both practical and aesthetic reasons. For instance, you will need to consider smaller accessories. Including towel racks, toilet roll holders, tumbler holders, soap dispensers and baskets.

Tap'n Shower

If you are now looking to buy all of the components for your dream bathroom. Look no further than the Tap 'n Shower website. We are one of the UK’s most reputable bathroom retailers. Due to our comprehensive stock of products available for a great price. Where we are certain that customers will identify the products that they are looking for. 
If you have any questions about a specific product. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call today on 0116 269 6558. Our customer service team will be more than happy to address any queries. As well as provide more information where applicable. Alternatively, we are available via email at [email protected]. Where you can expect a reply within a single working day.

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