6 benefits for installing underfloor heating in your bathroom

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6 benefits for installing underfloor heating in your bathroom

As we head into the colder months of the year. Any room in your house that isn’t carpeted can be freezing underfoot. The majority of the time you can pop a pair of socks on or slide your feet into some warm slippers. But, there are some rooms where this isn’t possible, like the bathroom. This is the one area in your home where you will most likely always be barefoot. Having underfloor heating could be the answer to all your cold feet problems. 

Recently it has become a more common form of heating here in the UK. It is definitely worth considering if you’re tired of having cold feet. If you’re contemplating installing underfloor heating and are looking into the benefits then keep reading.  Tap N Shower have put together a list of reasons you won’t be able to ignore.


The main thing that puts people off installing underfloor heating is the rumoured costs. You may be surprised to hear that this type of heating isn’t actually as expensive as you may have heard. It is a lot more cost-effective than you may realise. Many people actually find that their underfloor heating has lower running costs than other solutions too. So, look at the upfront cost as an investment. 


On average, your bathroom is one of the smallest rooms in your house. And the majority of the space will be taken up by your bathroom suite. You don’t often have a spare wall in your bathroom for a radiator so an underfloor solution is perfect. This is essentially an invisible source of warmth. So it won’t affect your bathroom decor either, it can help you achieve a seamless finish in your room. 

Heats the whole room

There is a common misconception that underfloor heating will only heat your floor. This simply isn’t true. This type of heating allows heat to rise, distributing around the rest of the room. 

Using underfloor heating will enable you to heat the largest and coldest surface area, the floor, first. Before moving the heat upwards at a lower temperature resulting in a consistent overall room temperature.

Energy efficient 

In this day and age, everyone is trying to be a little bit more conscious about the amount of energy they are using. Underfloor heating is much more energy-efficient than other solutions. It only has to create a lower temperature to achieve the overall desired room temperature. Your rooms will also be able to retain the heat much better meaning they require less energy to maintain the warmth too. 

Low maintenance 

One of the most popular reasons why people actually choose to install underfloor heating. Is because it very rarely ever requires any form of maintenance once it has been installed. There is actually very little that can go wrong with these systems. So you shouldn’t experience any problems which is a big relief. 

Flexibility in temperature

The underfloor heating in your bathroom will have its own dedicated thermostat. So there is no obligation for you to keep this room as warm as the others in your home. You can also decide when you want to heat the room so you aren’t wasting money keeping it warm when it isn’t in use. After all, you probably won’t spend as much time in your bathroom as you do in other rooms of the house.

Installing underfloor heating

Ultimately, there really are no negatives to installing underfloor heating in your bathroom. It is definitely worth the investment in bathrooms of all sizes. This innovative heating solution can make heating your bathroom easier than ever before. And take away any discomfort you’re currently experiencing. When looking for a place to buy your underfloor heating, visit the Tap N Shower website. We have a huge range of electric underfloor heating that will allow you to enjoy the comforts of a heated floor. Our entire range is quick and easy to install and offers incredible value for money and they even have a large selection that is under £100. Treat yourself to underfloor heating this winter and never look back.

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